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There are a number of vinyl replacement windows articles that I have written before. Each time I look at the various aspects of the subject matter. Today I have selected some few brands that I want us to compare. I have not limited this article to only these so do go through it right to the end.

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It is possible to purchase the Milgard Tuscany vinyl windows for your residential home. I have found them to work well except that they do not tilt-in particularly the single hung one. This really makes it difficult when trying to clean them. Despite all that when I reviewed the other brands like Amerimax, Atrium and Simonton – Milgard was the cheapest of them all.

Next to consider is Anlin. I am of the view that these are okay but I have heard someone who had purcahsed them to try and save energy informing me that they didn’t perform as expected. Don’t be hoodwinked by the sales person telling you these are the best energy saving windows. I think there are better choices when looking for energy efficient ones. Besides that, these operate well, however, they do not necessarily come cheap.

You can also try and make use of Polybau. I personally cannot complain about their charges – when compared to some I come across. The only issue that I have noted with these is the service provided by the seller. Although I do not have personal encounter with this but I have read in my blog complaints about how the service guys are always late or don’t even show up.


Then there is also Amerimax. They are genuinely nice. One thing I like about them is that they are energy efficient and also keep the sound out. You can go for the double hung ones so you can clean them easily.

As for Pella – this is a good company with great windows but I am not impressed with their Pella ThermaStar. I am of the view that they are low-quality vinyl windows for those people wanting a cheap price.

When thinking about vinyl replacement windows – look at various things not just the price. You need to consider at the service, durability, functionality and proximity of the supplier.

The most energy efficient window replacement can be attainable by purchasing among the brands I will provide below and by hiring a good contractor who can help you install them well. More about this later – for now let me briefly look at what I thinkto be an energy efficient replacement window.

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What makes the best energy efficient window?

• It must be approved by trustworthy authorities like Energy Star and NFRC, which stands for National Fenestration Rating Counsel.
• The argon gas contained in it must be low.
• Most of them have vinyl frames.
• Some have double pane glass with an Rating (R) value of 2 to 10.

Benefits of these types of windows

• They help reduce heating bills as they are able to retain heat during cold seasons.
• Making use of vinyl frames together with the most energy efficient window replacement provides maximum efficiency especially if it is made with spectrally selective glass.
• They allow more light in whilst reflecting infra red radiation. These applies to those that are low-e windows and spectrally selective.
• You can use them to lower your carbon “footprint”
• Many of them are of high quality and do in fact pay for themselves – if you know what I mean.

Examples of the most energy efficient replacement windows

There are are many of them to look at but you can check them out. There are a number of suppliers and contractors that can assist you look for one that is suitable for you. Some window examples include GreenView, Patio Enclosures Comfort Shield, Milgard, Polaris, Okna, Great Lakes, Soft-Lite and Simonton.

Because they save you so much when it comes to heat and lighting costs, energy efficient windows are a good option to have

Replacement window reviews focus on a number of aspects and in this one the emphasis is going to be on brands, companies, price, service delivery, quality to point out just a few. So whatever kind of data you may be looking for this review will most likely come handy to you. So just readit right to the end.

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Replacement window brands review

There are a number of agencies – in fact there are 500+ that I know of situated around the country. having said that I have only picked a few that I find to be outstanding for one reason or the other.


Their wood vinyl line is one of the best
· They have the shortest timeframe to job completion
· They have an advantage of age in the country and industry
· The charges for their services are usually the highest

2. Anderson

· They make real clear coated glass
· They are also higher priced


· They manufacture some of the most energy efficient windows
· The quality of their products is good

· Offer state of the art material and features

Of course there are hundreds more replacement window reviews I can mention on other brands and agencies but these should be sufficient for now. Now let us go back to the price issue. I will also mention quality and service delivery issues here as well.

Replacement window price review

There are various determinants that relate to price and below I talk about a few:

· The concept of supply and demand: if less people want more replacement windows that the manufacturers are able to supply then the price will shoot up. This is why it is important to bear in mind the season that you choose to buy.

· The energy efficiency of the windows
· The after sales service offered by the company. Yes! They do factor that in their charges. The more augmented services they provide the more expensive the windows are likely to be.
· Your location: Being situated further from the manufacturer and supplier the most expensive it is likely to be due to transport costs.

Are you interested in an aluminum storm window repair? Well here is a brief but useful article that will give you a review and a step-by-step guide to how you can go about doing this.

I have previously shared on various topics such as: window replacement tax credit 2009, rate best replacement windows and 2009 top replacement windows and today I will expand on this briefly.

There are lots of ways in which you carry out an aluminum storm window repair. I will provide you with what has worked for me and others. I have talked but of course you can get other ideas from other experts. I recommend you read the article to the end before deciding on anything.

The reason why I mention the differing ideas is because I understand that not all windows get damaged in the same manner hence not all the repairing information will be standard. For example some may have damaged glazing, scratches or cracks and some may have problems with the sash, which causes them to have some sliding problems.

Here are some few ideas you can think about for your aluminium storm window repair.

Are they scratched, cracked or do they have damaged glazing? In this case in order to fix the aluminium storm windows you might have to remove the storm sash or the screen. Then remove the glazing, which is usually glass or acrylic plastic.

You may notice that the corners are fastened by metal keys in this case you will need to remove the screws to remove some of the corners – one or maybe two. If you discover that they are crimped then an awl could be used to remove the vinyl splints that are used to secure the glazing.

Once you have completed all that you can then install the new glazing (2mm). Just make sure that you make it smaller than the inside frame measurement in order to enable some contraction and expansion. Just put the glazing vinyl on the glass and then press it into the frame. Then assemble the corers. when you are dealing with crimps frames just lay the glass in the frame and just press the vinyl weather seal so that it clicks in to the joint between the frame and glass.