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If your current bed needs to be replaced and you’re ready to go shopping for something new, then one of your preferred options might be a latex mattress. This is a type of foam mattress you would assume is made not from petrochemicals but from a more natural substance. In fact, that natural substance is the sap from rubber trees, which should make latex foam mattresses your most eco-friendly choice. But of course nothing is ever that simple. Latex has also been created synthetically, from petrochemicals, meaning that you need to do as much investigation with these mattresses as with any other product.

There are two processes used to create latex mattresses. With the Standard method, the liquid (whether it’s the rubber sap or the petrochemical substance) is whipped into a froth, which creates the millions of air bubbles that are responsible for the special properties of a foam mattress. Then the liquid is poured into a mold, which is sealed and heated until it cures into its finished mattress form. In the Talalay method, the mold contains countless tiny pinprick spikes that make extra little channels for air to move through. This method creates a latex foam mattress that’s somewhat more resilient and buoyant.

Natural latex apparently works fine with either the Standard or the Talalay method of creating a latex mattress. So the question then is why anyone would need to use the synthetic version of the material at all. One of the reasons is that natural latex isn’t always as comfortable as the kind made from petrochemicals. Thus you find so many foam mattresses made entirely with synthetic latex.

The end result of all this is that before you buy a latex mattress, do some research, as it is an absolute must. If natural latex is infused with natural oils, then it can be as comfortable as an all-synthetic mattress or even a memory foam bed. But even if the mattress has a “green” label, it might still contain some petrochemicals. So you need to watch for all of these things as you head out mattress shopping. Do some searching and find out about both the manufacturers and their products, and discover the process and the materials they used. If you buy a foam bed, you want to know what you’re getting before you take it home.

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There’s no doubt that memory foam beds provide many benefits, like excellent support and good, healthy sleep, along with the fact that while it contours itself to you as its substance is softened by your body heat, it regains its original shape when you get up. If you can’t really afford a full bed, perhaps you might consider a foam mattress topper instead. You might call it something of a mattress enhancer.

But for the sake of your future comfort, you should be aware of some of the drawbacks of foam mattress toppers as well. The reason why memory foam works so well in the first place is that the top 3 inches or so heat up and will change shape, while the lower layer is not affected, remaining cool and firm. This is how much of the good supportive effects are derived. If you don’t already have an existing mattress to provide similar underlying firmness, then the good effects of the foam topper will undoubtedly be lost.

You should also realize that your own mattress must not sag in the middle, but is required to be uniformly flat, not to mention firm. Even visco elastic memory foam won’t be able to keep from sagging into the underlying mattress if it has dips in it. When your body heats it up, the foam mattress topper will acquire even more of a sag in it as it softens and changes shape. In the end, you might sleep less comfortably than you had expected, and any good effects you might have received from your topper will vanish.

If you don’t have a good underlying mattress, with the very particular and necessary properties of firmness and a very flat surface, then you’ll lose most if not all of the good effects you might have received from the foam mattress topper. So you’ll need to evaluate your situation carefully. If you think you’d do better to get a new, firm mattress as a base, then you might want to look at the total expense of doing that, and reevaluate your whole plan. Your best bet might be to buy a complete memory foam bed after all.

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Before buying a new mattress, be sure to do some research before you buy. You may just be assuming you’ll get a spring mattress, but read some mattress review websites to find out if other options might serve you instead. For example, there is a very sophisticated type of air mattress, called an alternating pressure mattress, which might be of interest. And of course there are those made of foam, especially the visco memory foam mattresses.

Spring mattresses, of course, have pretty much been the standard in North America for decades. Yet as you’ll see in a mattress review for any bed using memory foam, this mattress will first be compared to a boxed spring before being judged on its own merits, as will mattresses that use air flow. Many people who buy foam, in fact, try to have the best of both worlds by purchasing a memory foam mattress pad or topper to place on top of their spring mattress. They hope to take advantage of the bounce and the give that springs supply, along with the extra support and comfort offered by the memory foam.

Springs can lose their shape eventually, but foam mattresses may also do so. Various types of reviews on mattresses will point out the difference between ordinary foam and memory foam. The latter is much denser, with millions of tiny cells that soften with body heat but “remember” their original shape as they cool. So a mattress made of ordinary foam will flatten much sooner than one made from memory foam.

Another comparison you might find would be between memory foam and the alternating pressure mattress. This mattress has small air cells inside that are inflated and deflated with electric controls. Studies have shown that both the visco memory foam mattress and this air mattress give better support than other types. Yet it was the alternating air pressure mattress that did the best job of preventing bedsores, because the force pressing on a person’s body differed from time to time.

There are so many options out there that you will always benefit from mattress review sites. Between those reviews, visits to stores, and mattress tips you might receive from other sources, you should be able to find something. Whether it’s a good spring mattress, a more expensive alternating air bed, or a memory foam bed, you’ll learn what works best for you.

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Latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses are supposedly more eco-friendly, but some are more so than others. This means that if you’re going mattress shopping, you’ll need to do a fair bit of research to discern the differences among the different products available. It’s not a good idea to make such a large financial investment without knowing as many facts as you can, especially since buying a latex or memory foam bed is a sizable commitment.

Latex mattresses are made either from the sap of rubber trees or else with synthetic, petrochemicals substances, and sometimes these two kinds are blended into one mattress. Since a completely natural latex foam mattress is very expensive, the blending is often a cost-saver. But it’s also done because natural latex may be less comfortable, whereas petrochemicals provide extra softness and give. However, it isn’t always necessary to use such chemicals because a latex mattress can also be made more comfortable with the infusion of natural oils and plant extracts.

A latex mattress is created in one of two ways. With the Standard method, the rubber sap is whipped into a froth, to fill it with the air bubbles that give memory foam its unique characteristics. After the whipped substance is sealed in a mold, it’s heated and cured into finished form. The Talalay method adds thousands of pin-like spikes to the mold, creating channels for the air bubbles and making the final latex foam mattresses more buoyant and resilient. Both of these processes can use blended foam, though, so you’ll need to investigate further if you’re concerned about eco-friendly mattresses.

Nor is every latex mattress necessarily organic, so that will be the main certification to check out. If a mattress is simply labeled “natural” or “green,” it may still contain some synthetic materials. Having actual “organic” certification, however, should mean that all materials used will be completely natural, and chemical and pesticide-free.

If you want to be sure your mattress meets your own ecological standards, then some research into the available products is absolutely necessary. Labeling can be slippery, and even so-called “green” mattresses might still contain chemicals you’d rather not have in a bed. Read about latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses and learn about each product, what they contain, and even where they are made. Be sure to do your shopping with all the important facts at your disposal, so you can make an informed choice that you can live with for many years.

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