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Whether you are doing a total kitchen remodel, or just sprucing it up a bit for the holidays, you’ll want to pay special attention to the kitchen canisters that you choose for your spiffy new kitchen theme. You can easily choose a canister theme or design that will blend with your kitchen decor, as there are many styles and colors to choose from. But the wrong accessories can destroy your perfectly designed kitchen. So let’s take a look a few of the more popular canister designs to determine which one will work best for your own kitchen.

Ceramic Canisters. Ceramic kitchen canisters are a decorating dream as they offer so much more design flexibility. These days, you are no longer stuck with white as the one color available in ceramic pottery. A better choice would be solid colored canisters that come in any color you choose, such as blue, green or yellow. Solid colored canisters are a great choice if your kitchen sports a very busy theme, with lots of patterns in the wallpaper and dishtowels.

But if you kitchen is monochromatic and a bit boring, don’t be afraid to add a fun themed canister set as a focal point. A set of rooster canisters can be fun choice? Or a village of ceramic house canisters? But if a theme is repeated too many times, it can create a claustrophobic effect in the space. So if you chosen design pattern has already been repeated in the wallpaper and other accessories, you will want to stick with a solid color canister that coordinates with the theme without taking it too far.

Glass Canisters. Glass canisters can be a great choice for a very traditional kitchen style. When shopping for kitchen canisters, you’ll find many options that mimick the traditional apothecary jars. The newer versions of apothecary jars now come with airtight lids to help maintain food quality.

Glass canisters are a great choice for a Victorian kitchen, as they can be very ornate in their design, which was typical of the Victorian period. Of coure, they are also available with clean sharp design lines that work well with an ultra-modern kitchen design. The most important thing is to coordinate your canister design with the overall style and theme of your kitchen decor.

Stainless Steel Canisters. Stainless steel canisters are always the best choice for an ultra-modern kitchen. While a glass canister is convenient for viewing its contents, you don’t want to break the sight lines in your modern kitchen by cluttering it up with the sight of dry noodles and navy beans. If you must know what is inside that stainless steel canister, choose a style that comes with a glass lid.

By taking a few minutes to consider the style of your kitchen décor, you can choose a set of kitchen canisters that will enhance, rather than fight, your decorating theme. If you get home and find that your new canisters look hideous with your kichen decor, well, just put them away in the pantry and make use of the extra counter space!

Red is a powerful color. From the fury of red – orange flames to the depth of crimson blood, this color automatically stirs us to action. It excites us, invigorating our metabolism and stirring the warrior spirit deep within our subconscious mind.

Color determines the way a room will feel, and to some extent, the way you will feel in a room. It is the background of life that creates an ambiance against which your actions will occur. By paying attention to color, you can control a powerful and subtle element of any space.

In our primitive past, the color red was often seen in the red blood of the hunt, or at the explosion of a volcano, or the savage thrust of a forest fire. Because of this, our minds evolved to become excited when we see this color. We start acting, moving, and doing in more passionate and powerful ways.

One of the main effects the color red has is that it tends to speed up the metabolism. This has the dual effect of making you hungry, and making your body process food faster. That is why it is so often used in kitchen decorating. So you will eat more in the presence of red colors, but you will also lose more weight. The weight that you maintain will be determined by the balance that you reach.

Red also has an invigorating effect. It makes people want to take action, now. This can cause you to be impulsive, taking chances, and making decisions rapidly. This makes it easy to wake up in a red bedroom, but difficult to go to sleep in one.

Red is also a violent color. It makes people angry, and combined with its invigorating effect, this can lead to fighting. If you are already argumentative, this may be a color to avoid.

The flip side to fighting is love, and red is a color that is all about romance. If you are having trouble heating things up, red may be just the remedy you need.

The bottom line is, that red is a powerful color. Like fire it can help a space, or it can hurt it. The best use of red is as an accent, balanced by more reserved colors. Try placing small, tasteful red objects throughout a space, to invigorate a boring room. Otherwise, use a single red centerpiece to make the focus of a space action and passion.


The kitchen can be a bit of a problem when it comes to decorating. The kitchen has to be, first and foremost, functional. That means that the majority of the room has to be either left clear for working, or taken up with some tool or appliance that will make cooking easier. Fortunately there are a number of strategies that you can use to overcome these obstacles and make your kitchen look beautiful and inspirational.


The first thing you should look at is the walls. While floor space and counters, tables, and flat surfaces are all going to be needed for the act of cooking, the walls have no functional use in this space. Therefore they are like wide open canvases, just waiting for you to fill them with color and interest.


When choosing wall home decor it is important that you are aware of the conditions that arise in the kitchen. First this room can get really hot. This may cause paper products to warp, or can even melt some soft plastics. Next you have to consider spills, drips, splats, and other nasty messes that can occur where food is being prepared.


In general you should try to only hang decorative items which are relatively resilient in this space. Wrought iron, stainless steal, and whicker pieces are all relatively impervious to the dangers of the kitchen. If you want to hang art, make sure it is protected by a sturdy glass casing.


Another important thing to consider when decorating a kitchen is color. Different colors can have dramatically different effects on an atmosphere. Red colors can make a space feel much more energetic. However they also make a room feel more hot, which can be a problem in the kitchen.


Cooler colors such as sage greens or light blues can bring down the temperature if you feel like things are getting too hot. You have to be careful however, as certain green tones look sickly, and blue can be an appetite supressant. That means that if you use these tones in the right away you might kill your own inspiration for making food at all.


Many people choose to go with very basic colors in this space. White and off white is popular because it goes with anything, and it makes it easier to see stains when cleaning. You should avoid black in this space, as it will tend to soak up heat. Earth tones are quite popular as they are generally neutral, and tend to create an atmosphere of family oriented security.


Decorating your kitchen can be a challenge but it is not impossible. By paying attention to the functionality of the space and working around it, using color, and wall decorations, you can add a lot of beauty and style to your culinary cove.