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Your home is your castle and when it comes time to decorate, or re-decorate it, you need the design to match your lifestyle and exemplify who you are.  Decorating with persian rug is easy when you have the right rug and follow a few decorating tips, because when chosen correctly these rugs can add just the right touch to any room in your home.  The first thing you will notice when it comes to rugs are the numerous different styles you can select from, so the most vital decorating tip would be to understand your own style.  Does the room you are decorating have a large amount of dark wood and antiques in it?  If so , then your style is more old world than up to date.  

Traditional area rugs,eg Persian or Oriental, work very well with stately or traditional furnishings.  If you attempt to use bold patterns, geometrical designs or bright colours, it may clash with the design flow of the room.  Latest rugs use these bold patterns to enhance modern furnishings, allowing them to come to life.  Foot traffic is another decorating tip you need to consider so that you will know whether you need a rug with a darker pattern to mask any dust, or a lighter pattern if the traffic isn’t that much.  

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Size does matter, so you need to be certain to get a rug that fits the space.  If you have a large room, getting 2 smaller area rugs will often make the space look better than trying to get only one enormous rug.  Be sure that your measurements are correct so that you don’t get a rug that is’s too small or too big for the space you want.  Remember that these rugs have three major uses : as accessories for the room, as a focal point for the room and for practical reasons.  Once you create the reason why you wish to have a rug in your room you will be ready to better establish the feel and look you are trying to achieve.  

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Once you have an area rug in your house, you’ll quickly realize what a great investment they are.  These rugs are easy to maintain, come in countless design probabilities and can be moved or re-arranged to go with your ever-changing decorating tastes.





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Fireplace screens are an essential component of fireplaces.  These can be found in simple as well as modern styles to match different tastes.  People who wish to give their fireplace a simple appearance can select vintage fireplace screens and those who are searching for a modern appearance can choose from huge range of present-day styles available.

Fireplace screens are necessary when it comes to the safety of homes.  Fire is an unsafe aspect and fireplace screens keep the home and carpet safe form the escaping sparks.  These embers can stain the flooring and in severe cases can even cause enormous fire which can damage the room or set the entire house on fire.  The screens also protect small kids and pets from getting injured.

Furthermore, these are the accessories that add beauty and class to hearths.  They provide warmth as well as ease and also reduce the impedance of wind which enters the living room through vents.  Andirons are functional items and often utilized as embellishing accessories as well.  The amplitude of the fireplace screen plays an essential role in enhancing the entire appearance of the hearth.  The bigger the screen, the more attractive and amplified the fireplace looks.

Fireplace screens come in a wide range of lengths and designs.  These include traditional, antique and chic styles.  They can also be made available in various colors and materials like copper, bronze iron, steel and antique brass.  Additionally, the most famous type of screens used today is stained glass fireplace screens.  These are absolutely awesome, stunning, and gorgeous and add a sense of elegance to the hearth.

Stained glass fireplace screens are useful and add peace to special moments.  It draws all eyes to its sheer beauty as the entire screen gets illuminated from the glow of the fire.  The flashing fire surely offers convenience, entertainment and comfort to owners and as the flames dance, homeowners have the pleasure enjoying this beautiful scene through the stained glass.

Each stained glass fireplace cover is a unique handmade work of art.  They feature a huge number of small glasses compiled together and joined for a durable effect.  These normally contain up to four panels of glass depending on the type of glass used.  The variations in shade, bubbles, and surfaces enhance the uniqueness of the artwork.

Stained glass fireplace screens are beautiful and functional and protect the flooring from the sparks emitting from the hearth.  These are the most unique of all other types of screens available and even if the fireplace is in use or not, they will surely be an eye catcher

Those in the housing industry are constantly trying to find routes to stay competitive and hunting for something else to make the money aspect improve and a trend employed by realtors is wall lighting.

Wall lighting is nothing new and has been in existence for years already.  It has made a return and people seem to be leaning towards it.  Like with the rest, there also are wall lighting products that are a waste of cash and have no worth so it is important to grasp what factors need to be considered when it comes to picking wall lighting.

One of the simplest things to consider is the purpose that the lighting is for.  Is it lighting for reading or working at home?  Is the wall lighting for making a selected mood in that room?  Is the lighting just ambient lighting?  All these are purposes the wall lighting may be used.  So it’s vital to work out before hand what the point of the wall lighting is.  Another factor to consider when getting the wall lights is the precise position you need them placed.  This goes hand in hand with the purpose for which it is structured.

The consideration in this situation is more to do with the particular potency of the lighting.  It’s therefore imperative to make absolutely sure the wall light is placed strategically in order to meet its intended purpose.  One should also reflect upon how they’d like the wall lighting to work.  Is the wall lighting going to be controlled by a switch, a dimmer or is it going to have its own power connection?  If the wall lighting is going to be connected without delay to a power outlet, it is going to be needed to guarantee the wall lighting fixtures are not placed too a long distance from the power outlet.  You will be able to make your call more easy after you take the decor and ambience under consideration for the room you are putting a wall fixture in.  It’s required also to be sure that it fits in a particular room particularly where you want it found and in the end you can get the required use and look you wanted.  Now you have done all of the preparation, it’s time to go looking to find the best price you can for your wall fixture.  There are a few with one being internet shopping because many times you’ll find excellent deals.  You can get quotes from other providers so go visit some to find the top deal.  All the factors discussed above are all critical things to consider while setting up your wall lighting.

Since it is a long-term investment, it’s best to be comprehensive to be sure you get the absolute best results from your corporation.

Billiards and billiards game have their own style. When we think about a room or a place for billiards we should take into account some elements and the order of importance…
Do you want to know more about billiards and barstools? If so, the first thing you must know is that both go hand in hand. Trying to create the ‘ultimate’ game room for pool would mean that you’d need to have billiards and barstools as your main items. However, there are also other items that need to be added into the whole process.

Forget about billiards and barstools for now and try to focus on the ambience first. This is what will grab the attention of the clients, especially if you trying to create the ‘ultimate’ game room for a club. The color code that you select may vary according to the likes and dislikes of each person. But the basis remains that a two-toned color scheme will suit best.

If you have no idea about the color scheme, why not try to match it with the colors of your favorite sports team or your high school colors. The best tip anyone would give with regard to colors is to use a darker color as the border color and a lighter shade for the rest of the room. All this will definitely compliment with the billiards and barstools.

When we talk about the flooring, make sure you choose either hardwood or one of the following; cork, vinyl, carpet tiling, ceramic tiling or cork.

Now comes the billiards and barstools. When you are thinking about the furniture that will match a game room for billiards, focus on the theme you are trying to create. If you want a beach or Hawaiian effect, try to get billiard tables, barstools, etc made out of wicker or rattan. If it’s a Green Bay Packer’s theme you want, try to purchase barstools and other accessories made out of green or yellow vinyl.

Once the billiards and barstools have been purchased, next thing you must do is get the perfect lighting. A sports theme would be perfect with pub lamps, floor lamps or swag lights used. Bamboo lamps and hanging lanterns would be much suitable for an Asian theme.

Having the perfect music will entertain your guests for a very long time. A jukebox would set the mood for this. Additionally, you could put up some neon signs with a few posters to augment the whole setting.

Any respected interior designer will often utter the words “it’s all in the details”. What they mean by this is that you can have lots of stunning colours, huge spaces and luxurious pieces of furniture, but unless your finish is high quality and you have the right accessories, you’ll never achieve a good look.Lets take a look at three easy ways to ensure your accessories don’t let your design down.

Keep With One Colour
. Not many people can mix and match colours that well, so if its often best to keep to one. They don’t all have to be exactly the same tone, but it helps if they are all within a close range of a colour. For example, you might have some red pillows, with a red-pink clock on the wall and a ruby coloured candle stick set. Using all the same colour will reinforce the theme of a room and mean that there is less chance of different items clashing.

Qaulity Matters. If you scrimp and save on your accessories, the end result will be a finish that looks cheap. This does not been to say that all your accessories need to be expensive, but the items that stand out and that people interact with benefit from a bit of quality. Tableware for example is a key item to get right, as they are not only often closely inspected, but people actually use the items in everyday life.

Functional and Feature Items. As mentioned above, functional items are not the easiest things to get right. That said, these types of pieces often influence the look and feel of a room the most. Try to pick items that fit your personality. If, for example, you have never left the city you live in, don’t expect a mounted deer head on your wall to fit in with your style. However if you are a big whisky or wine drinker, having the right glassware on show looks good. You might have a glencairn whisky glass on show or some decanters, it really doesn’t matter as long as it represents you well.

Many people struggle with the irritation of having too many items in their house and they do not realize what to do to manage their items. The only answer to this dilemma is to get a closet organizer with the assistance of which it will be feasible for to you put all the things in your home in order. A closet organizer will also let your home more roomy than before. It will offer you enough storage room and with this, you can arrange your things in such a fashion that there is a lot of space left in your home.

A number of people do not want to sell or give away the majority of items in their homes and as a result, they do not have enough open area in their home and the rooms end up becoming messy and untidy. If you are also facing the same issue, then it is about time that you purchase a closet organizer. With this storage area, you do not need to toss your favorite belongings and you will see that your home will not get messy and cramped. Most people abiding in the United States want a closet organizer to set their extra things in and make their home stay clean and tidy. You can also have a spacious home. All you have to do is get a closet organizer!

The coolest thing about this storage system is that you can keep anything in it, be it textbooks, apparel, etc. You can pack up anything that tends to end up tossed on the floor. A closet organizer will not merely manage all your stuffs, but it will also give your abode a tidy and organized air. If you have not managed to use the closet organizer and you have heard people singing its praises, then what are you waiting for? Buy a closet organizer today and begin using it by creating more space in your home.

With a quality closet organizer, you can save plenty of space by storing all the items that you do not need require. What’s more, it is easy for you to keep anything that you can think of in the closet. You can even store the things that you use every day in the closet so that you can free up extra space in your home and make your home look clean and tidy. With a closet organizer, you can make your home look roomy, neat and clean. Moreover, you will also get all the things that we carry! The closet organizer can be of various shapes and sizes. It all depends on your desires and demands.

Closet organizers is not hard on the pocketbook at all and, considering the benefits that you will enjoy when you get this item, you can think about buying two or more of these items so that you can keep your home organized!

Even the most luxurious and spaces houses, people often find there are areas that just do not get enough light. In actual fact, it is often those people who have deeper rooms and areas within the house that are some distance from any windows that have the biggest problems with light. There are some options available to increase the light in your home, including adding widows, knocking through walls and even using putting light tunnels in the chimney. However, most of these methods are very costly and time consuming and there are far easier ways to brighten up your life.

Mirrors. There is no easier way to transport light around your home than using mirrors. This is because they are very efficient at reflecting light, hence you can see yourself very well in them. The best way to use them is place mirrors on walls in just the right place to send incoming light from windows, back out the door to other areas. Have another mirror outside the room on the wall opposite the door to pick up the light and move it on.This technique can be used all over the house wherever you are lacking a bit of light or wherever you want a certain area to have an enhanced glow.

Glass. You can call upon glass to break up the light and send it off in various directions, thus giving all parts of a room some exposure. Using wine glasses on tables and glass vases on shelves with refract light and send it out at all angles giving an all over glow. Make sure you don’t overdo the glassware however because you can sometimes end up ‘trapping the light’ within all the glass.

. You can use a combination of both tricks explained above to squeeze every last drop out of the available light you have. Use mirrors to direct light through glass objects such as glass candle holders and then smaller mirrors to pick up the refracted light and move it on. You’ll be amazed at just how much extra light you can have without even using electricity.

Homes with a minimalistic look are basically a trend these days. Before, these types of homes were usually reserved for single people who entertained a lot in their homes and worked most of the day. The minimalistic look did not usually go well with children and a big family. These days, interior designs for families and the minimalistic look can go hand in hand. One of the main factors to achieving interior designs with a homey look for the minimalistic style is the kind of home furnishings that are used.

Home Furnishing For Minimalist Homes

Many people are under the impression that a minimalistic home is sparse and have so few home furnishings. The fact of the matter is that this perception s partially true. Interior designs for such homes may give the home owner a glimpse of a sparsely decorated room or living area but the minimalistic look can also be achieved with the right touches even with a lot of home furnishings. The key to achieving the minimalist look in contuse of having a lot of things is to have simple home furnishings. Interior designs that feature a minimalist look usually have home furnishings that are unobtrusive and simple enough to be mistaken for a wall or a table.

Interior designs with the object of being minimalistic can benefit from single tone furnishing usually in sedate colors which do not stand out. White and black colors are the staple for home furnishing that wish to be unobtrusive and to give the impression of minimalism. Even the handles of drawers or the legs of tables and chairs should be kept simple to be in keeping with the minimalistic approach. Interior designs with minimal color schemes are ideal for the person or home owner who wants a minimalistic look. When the tables, chairs, bureaus and walls are the same color, the impression is unremarkably that of being houseclean and simple. Sticking to a single color or shades of the same color will help to keep the ambience calm and simple. White, black, blue and green are ideal colors to use in interior designs aimed at minimalism.

Even the design of the home furnishings should be in keeping with the interior design which is minimalistic. Simple doors and table tops will not draw the eye to a particular object that will make things stand out. Interior designs which strive for minimalism should have similar looking home furnishings for a more fluid and well blended ambience. The home furnishings should come quite close to the interior designs of the designer or the ornamentalist to accomplish a undifferentiated look. A running theme for a connected area is a great idea for interior designs of the areas.

The numerous items and personal things of the home owner can be hidden inside cupboards or cabinets designed to hold the television and home theatre, books and other items. Picture frames on the tables can be kept to a minimum by employing a digital picture frame that can hold any number of pictures and video clips. These small, personal items can be integrated by the designer in the interior designs to be shown to the home owner. Other suggestions for home furnishings that can be used for interior designs featuring the minimalistic approach are chairs that are simple and straight forward, with no lumpy upholstery and tables with no fussy table cloths. Curtains can be kept to a minimal by victimization simple gauze bandage or single toned drapes that reach the floor to asseverate the tactual sensation of being a unity entity with the room. Other interior designs ideas are to keep the room airy and clutter free as well as to have large windows.

Well the spring time is upon us, well okay, I must confess living in San Diego the weather seems like it is always spring.  What can I say?

Being a San Diego window cleaning company sure has its perks.  But don’t think that just because the weather is perfect that it is impossible to have dirty windows.

As a matter of fact, most of the time, us San Diegans think our windows don’t ever get dirty.  Not so.

Now before we begin, let’s get one thing straight.  The window cleaning tips I give you are not just for Southern Californians.  No, these tips can be used and applied no matter where you find yourself here on earth.

Ready for the tips?  Then let’s go.

So let’s address the overarching problem when cleaning windows.  And that problem is those ugly streaks.  Let’s say you woke up and felt great.  So great you wanted to take on the world.  So what is it you decide to take on?  Your windows.

But wait just one minute.  Before you even think about taking on such a big job as cleaning your windows, and I’m not saying you can’t, let’s get the procedure right.  And when you do, you will see how much easier it makes this job.

Ready to get started?  Here it is, nice and neat.

Now right off the bat, the first thing you will want and need is the right tools for the job.  This isn’t going to be a quick spray and wipedown of your family room glass table.  No, this will be glass that has months of dirt piled on, from the weather all the way to insects and birds making it dirty.

So what will be the tools that will be needed for the job.  Well it certainly won’t be windex and some paper towels.  It won’t be much more complicated than that.  The tools you will need is a squeegee and a spray bottle and then you can use the paper towels.

Put all these tools together, use them correctly and you day of cleaning windows will be a breeze.

So what now?  You are going to need the right ingredient for that spray bottle.  And what is this top secret ingredient?  Well it is 2 parts.  It is 2 gallons of water, and here comes the secret sauce, a teaspoon of dish washing liquid.  That’s it?  That’s all you’ll need.  You get that straight, and beautiful streak free windows are yours.

One final thing I forgot to mention, and don’t hate me for this.  You are going to have to add a lot of elbow grease.

Remember when you were ready to take on the world and windows seemed like no big deal?  Well after the third window or so, you might find the elbow grease running on empty.

Well when you do, don’t forget where you got the advice.  Your wonderful local San Diego window washing company, who won’t mind adding some elbow grease.

Till next time, happy cleaning.