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Barley Twisted Table Legs

Pictured above are four barley twisted table legs turned for a customer in Florida.  They measure 3 1/2″ wide and 30 inches high.  Normally table legs are made 29 inches in high to produce a 30 inch overall high with  the table top thickness of one inch.  But my customer needed the extra inch to make a wider apron (the horizontal member that connects the legs and supports the table top).

For a table with a 30 inch height normally you would not have less than 24 inches from the apron to the floor for knee space though most would probably consider 24 inches a tight squeeze.

In my search for some of the better interior design blogs (yes, I love to read what others are saying) on the internet I came across They have compiled their list of the 25 of the best interior design and furniture blogs out there. I was familiar with, and but had not ever visited the others. I you have an interest in design trends, design ideas, where to buy or just inspiration you’ll do yourself a favor by visiting Padstyle

Everlasting the two words house gracing in a crew or women and the base will go excited. These two discussions look to suspire ardor in women’s bellies. Virtually women enjoy the approximation of home ornamenting. While discoursed in a push, there will likely be all classes of approximations and bungs passed on. For some unusual reason the female universe delight devising commutes, especially to their interior. The theme of removing eliminate the stale and bringing in the raw acquires women all excited.

A lot of people like modification, women and men, boys and daughters. Home decorating is a great method to make immediate deepens in a individuals place. Even rebuff exchanges in house décor can gain a space look young and reviewed. Interior Adorning is an fantabulous way of admitting a tired attending space and transmuting it into a shiny, ambience atmosphere. It’s a marvelous way to convey people up when they’re feeling dispirited.

Home ornamenting can involve all kinds of another colors, materials, furniture, stunning and supplements. About people spend thousands of dollars decorating their places while others use only imaging to earn magnificent transfers. Interior beautifying depends on the individual’s discernment, their aims and of course their finances. When people have heap of money to use for house ornamenting, often they’ll charter a professional home decorator.

Engaging a professional house decorator is a keen opportunity to have a house transformed into a trendy environment. House decorators are in equal with the latest trends and dashes in house beautifying. With their natural endowmer and receive they are able to conduct a apparent, irksome way and transform it into a happening, stimulating space to stamping ground in. With regards to home decorating, if a person desires something completely unimaginable, they might would like to charter a professional home designer.

Interior decorating is very significant to a few live. In point of fact there are those who make changes in their interior apiece and every season. Nearly people wish flutter a little home decorating at Noel but there are those who wish to jazz up their interior in the bounce, summer, descend and wintertime. Applying house beautifying hints and minds, people transform their houses to fit the apiece season.

When a homeowner is adjudicating to sell their interior, a little of interior decorating may growth their risks of achiever. People viewing a house are frequently appealed to the cosmetics of the space. Home ornamenting offers a householder the chance to give their interior a face-lift before assigning it on the realty market. With a few rebuff converts to the furniture locating in a room, maybe a becalming color on the walls and a redolence of blossoms in an lovely vase on a board, a likely customer might be convinced. When a home is nicely beautified, there is grounds that the householder prides oneself  in their interior and cares for it. This would sure make a good impression on a potential buyer. Just a few fiddling home beautifying deceptions may be responsible for betraying the house.

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Whether you are doing a total kitchen remodel, or just sprucing it up a bit for the holidays, you’ll want to pay special attention to the kitchen canisters that you choose for your spiffy new kitchen theme. You can easily choose a canister theme or design that will blend with your kitchen decor, as there are many styles and colors to choose from. But the wrong accessories can destroy your perfectly designed kitchen. So let’s take a look a few of the more popular canister designs to determine which one will work best for your own kitchen.

Ceramic Canisters. Ceramic kitchen canisters are a decorating dream as they offer so much more design flexibility. These days, you are no longer stuck with white as the one color available in ceramic pottery. A better choice would be solid colored canisters that come in any color you choose, such as blue, green or yellow. Solid colored canisters are a great choice if your kitchen sports a very busy theme, with lots of patterns in the wallpaper and dishtowels.

But if you kitchen is monochromatic and a bit boring, don’t be afraid to add a fun themed canister set as a focal point. A set of rooster canisters can be fun choice? Or a village of ceramic house canisters? But if a theme is repeated too many times, it can create a claustrophobic effect in the space. So if you chosen design pattern has already been repeated in the wallpaper and other accessories, you will want to stick with a solid color canister that coordinates with the theme without taking it too far.

Glass Canisters. Glass canisters can be a great choice for a very traditional kitchen style. When shopping for kitchen canisters, you’ll find many options that mimick the traditional apothecary jars. The newer versions of apothecary jars now come with airtight lids to help maintain food quality.

Glass canisters are a great choice for a Victorian kitchen, as they can be very ornate in their design, which was typical of the Victorian period. Of coure, they are also available with clean sharp design lines that work well with an ultra-modern kitchen design. The most important thing is to coordinate your canister design with the overall style and theme of your kitchen decor.

Stainless Steel Canisters. Stainless steel canisters are always the best choice for an ultra-modern kitchen. While a glass canister is convenient for viewing its contents, you don’t want to break the sight lines in your modern kitchen by cluttering it up with the sight of dry noodles and navy beans. If you must know what is inside that stainless steel canister, choose a style that comes with a glass lid.

By taking a few minutes to consider the style of your kitchen décor, you can choose a set of kitchen canisters that will enhance, rather than fight, your decorating theme. If you get home and find that your new canisters look hideous with your kichen decor, well, just put them away in the pantry and make use of the extra counter space!

A house is an expression of a person’s style as well as a place to live so when choosing decoration styles, some people go to great length to get the results they want. And when the matter concerns a beach home, it goes without saying that they would also have enough financial and monetary resources to do up the home in a way that is quite alluring and delights both the residents as well as guests. After all, there is some meretricious and element of one-upmanship that is an integral part of decorating a home with beach home decor.

Many, many people enjoy beaches. Beautiful palm fronds waving in the breeze, the sun dipping down into the azure sea or perhaps a white beach– it is so welcoming and inviting as to just draw your breath away in its captivating wake. The idea behind beach home decor is to create a portrayal of the majesty of these beautiful sandy banks within one’s own residence so one can personally delight in the setting of a beach without leaving the home.

Although there many ways to use beach home decor in a home, one popular method is to utilize a coastal colour scheme. The colors of a home define its very spirit and essence because these create an ambience and a mood that is quite unmistakable and so very distinctive. Using se green or turquoise blue or perhaps a shade of red like a captivating sunset can do the trick. It is also possible to do up your home with some palm type potted plants that give the look and feel of a beach right in your home. After all, beach home decor does not necessarily mean that you spend a fortune. It has to be reasonable and yet stylish, fashionable yet cost effective.

As far as beach home decor goes, you can use wicker or wood furniture. Outdoor style furniture and sometimes cane furniture complement beach decorations and have the added advantage of being easy to move or carry due to the lightweight construction material. It also gives a bit of airy and less cluttered feeling to the home, quite the way a proper beach home should be. It is possible to be classy as well as economical when one is looking for beach home decor ideas.

For more information on beach home decor ideas, do look online. You will get a wealth of info there.

David Artsmith  –  The home is a place where we spend most of our time. Each evening, we retire to our residences not only to rest but appreciate its beauty and glamor. It is therefore important that we put in a lot of effort into making it beautiful and elegant. One way to do that is to apply suitable furnishings. These accessories will give the home a nice appearance but for a homeowner to get the best in home decor, he needs to attach great importance to decorative planning. Here are tips to let you get the most of your home, especially if you are moving in for the first time.

Rule number one is to shop for your home decor before you decide on what color to paint your room. The furniture and its accessories must be in concordance with the wall and not vice versa. The purpose of the space should be the deciding factor when choosing a color or tone for the space. Bedrooms should have dark colors such as blue or green. It will be out of place and inconvenient for the sleepers to have a bedroom with brightly colored walls. They are too bright and will make sleeping uncomfortable. A childs space can be decorated with lighter tones, and frivolous images, in order to simulate the look of a playground.

You must also remember during your decorative planning that every room has something called a focal point. This is referring to the focal point of the space, the one item which tends to draw attention and attract the view of people within any particular space. If you are dealing with a den or family room, then the focal point will be the room divider, the fireplace, or the coffee table.

For home decor to be effective you need to buy similar furniture. Do not buy different styles or designs. For example you cannot buy elegant dining tables for a living room with casual setting. Or mix upholstery dining tables with rustic sofas.

These days both artificial and traditional live indoor bonsai trees are equally popular. The bonsai tree provides a pleasing appearance that many people admire, but it also brings problems since the average individual lacks the skill and time this special tree requires. Among the greatest rewards of artificial trees is that they stay the same color and pose forever after they are purchased. Artificial bonsai trees can be really beneficial in this manner.

Many retailers carry artificial trees today; you shouldn’t need to search high and low to find one that’s right for your space. A bonsai plant is available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and tree types. You also have an assortment of options from the species of tree all the way up to the kind of container you might want to use. There are other choices too when it comes to buying artificial bonsai trees, including those that bear fruit or flowers.

Artificial bonsai trees usually have a metallic frame. They’re then wrapped in clay or actual preserved bark to look lifelike. The artificial trees are generally made from a material known as luna clay. The clay allows the owner to move the tree to make any particular pose desired, and it offers a realistic feel to the tree.

If you select a tree with preserved bark instead, it will look more realistic and you won’t need to worry about decay or collapse. You should keep in mind, however, that luna clay provides artificial bonsai trees more suppleness than those made of bark. Some artificial bonsai plants are actually made of real wood. They then give it an aged appearance by way of special techniques, and add leaves, flowers and fruits which are normally painted by hand.

Choosing faux bonsai plants results in a decreased need for maintenance. Artificial bonsai plants are normally simple to maintain. Vendors generally instruct the purchaser as to keeping plants dust-free and preventing fading. To keep leaves from fading, protect artificial bonsai from the direct rays of the sun and don’t clean them with a wet rag.

Your surroundings will be beautified due to the loveliness of the bonsai all the year through. If you take good care of your artificial bonsai, you will be able to enjoy it for many years without all the effort required for the real thing.

David Artsmith  –  We all like to surround ourselves with our favorite colors and objects. This way, we feel comfortable but when it comes to decor, some design and trends stand out. These are the furnishings that are in tune with modern times and will impress your visitors. We take a look at what is trendy today when it comes to home decorating.

Going green with home decor is the talk everywhere. Environmentally-friendly furniture is becoming common as the world encourages people to use eco friendly products. So you will see many of today’s decorative items incorporating some pieces that will help preserve the environment. Eco friendly furnishings can include wooden vases, recycled glass tumblers, and artificial plants.

You will often find glass lamps used in home decorating today, with the long curved necks being an especially popular design. They can give a space an upscale and sophisticated appearance. Usually found in studies and libraries, book cases have found their way to living rooms too. Modern decorators are putting these book holders by sofa sides and close to the walls. They come in contemporary and elegant designs and the tops are usually decorated with short vases, collectible cars and antiquated products.

Many homes are also blending various designs to achieve a unique kind of decor. Many rooms now have antiquated fireplaces, engraved doors, marble floors and Persian rugs in a rare combination. This way, the homeowner combines traditional, formal and classic decor into one special furnishing.

Comfort is also being emphasized in modern home decor. More and more people are buying extra soft cushions, silk sofa pillows and walnut leather furniture. Trendy home decor affords the homeowner the opportunity to decorate his room in accordance with modern styles and furnishings so that an old living room can have a contemporary look.

David Artsmith  –  Gemstone is a name that can be applied to any of a number of semi precious natural stone materials. These materials form naturally, usually in caves, and are harvested by humans to be used in jewelry, home furnishings, and several architectural applications. A material is termed to be “gemstone” due to its attractiveness, and rarity, and so the stones which attain this label are generally valuable and beautiful.

Gemstone is used to manufacture a wide variety of decorative and functional products for the home. These are generally formal, high end products, which are intended to elevate the decorative style of a space. Common gemstone products include desk clocks, drink coasters, book ends, and paper weights. Gemstone candle holders are also very popular, due to the ability of the crystalline structure to refract the light from the candle into a million tiny translucent caverns.

Gemstone home décor products are most popular in new age and metaphysical spaces. There are many new age metaphysical practicioners who will decorate with gemstone products in order to control the energy of their space. Some people think that gemstones have particular energy properties, which can be used to alter the ambiance of a room, or even to move energy through a persons body in specific ways.

One of the big draws of gemstone home decor is that every piece is slightly different. This is due to the fact that they form naturally within the earth, and are only mined and refined by human hands.

Another popular setting for gemstone decorative products is in a rustic, natural home. The erratic chaos of the crystalline materials will blend in well with the savage nature of such a space.

Alternative settings where you will find gemstone home decor products include romantic bedrooms, executive offices, and anywhere that you can get a good amount of sunlight glinting off of the perfect crystalline surface of the piece.

The wide sweep of the Victorian era, with its detailed and sometimes even lacy style, brings a romantic aspect everywhere.Your own home decorating theme can be softened up a little when you blend some of the characteristic aspects of this period into your home decor.There’s an astonishingly wide variety of engaging and charming vintage Victorian-style picture frames to choose from!Your own home design will guide you to select a style that fits in well.You may be surprised when you see for yourself the detailed workmanship in the products you examine!

Many Victorian picture frames feature an oval design.The dark-colored or gold-colored wood used for many antique-styled picture frames is often embellished with intricate patterns on the frame surface.As they are availabe in many finishes, including vintage walnut, silver leaf, gold leaf, rosewood and walnut, and in many sizes from 4″x6″ up to 24″x30″, these antique-style frames can fit well into most modern rooms with their light-colored walls and potentially bold colors of furniture.Both matte and glossy surfaces accent these picture frames with an arresting and subtle elegance that will enhance both black and white and color photos.

Borrow a hint of a past culture by using an antique round picture frame with a detailed border.The careful detailing in the frame border is attention-getting and bold.  The piece by itself is captivating and alluring to the senses.  The absolute beauty of this piece will complement any memorabilia placed within.A great way to frame a mirror is to select a round picture frame.

Collectible and antique memorabilia work extremely well showcased in shadow box picture frames.Do you have your grandmother’s canning or cooking tools from when she kept house?  These items, framed in a shadow box picture frame are a wonderful way to add some nostalgia and flair to your home decorating.Available in different sizes, shadow box frames may be as deep as 5″.Box shapes include the oval, oblong or square as well as letter- and heart-shaped.You’ll also need to be sure to include a glass cover to protect the precious items in your display.

The flavor of vintage designs has also been injected into one other style of artistic picture frame through the use of old-style glass including ripples, bubbles or specific patterns.  These may be assembled using stained-glass techniques that include insets of accent-colored glass. Blend the past with the present by displaying a meaningful photo in an antique-style picture frame.

The fascinating craftsmanship of the Victorian era picture frames displays the true art that picture framing can be.The strong distinctive and decorative effect that picture frames can have is well demonstrated as soon as you look carefully at the fine artwork or important photographs held within.It won’t be easy to pass by a collection of Victorian era picture frames and not be sorely tempted to add one to your own assortment at home!