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Your home is your castle and when it comes time to decorate, or re-decorate it, you need the design to match your lifestyle and exemplify who you are.  Decorating with persian rug is easy when you have the right rug and follow a few decorating tips, because when chosen correctly these rugs can add just the right touch to any room in your home.  The first thing you will notice when it comes to rugs are the numerous different styles you can select from, so the most vital decorating tip would be to understand your own style.  Does the room you are decorating have a large amount of dark wood and antiques in it?  If so , then your style is more old world than up to date.  

Traditional area rugs,eg Persian or Oriental, work very well with stately or traditional furnishings.  If you attempt to use bold patterns, geometrical designs or bright colours, it may clash with the design flow of the room.  Latest rugs use these bold patterns to enhance modern furnishings, allowing them to come to life.  Foot traffic is another decorating tip you need to consider so that you will know whether you need a rug with a darker pattern to mask any dust, or a lighter pattern if the traffic isn’t that much.  

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Size does matter, so you need to be certain to get a rug that fits the space.  If you have a large room, getting 2 smaller area rugs will often make the space look better than trying to get only one enormous rug.  Be sure that your measurements are correct so that you don’t get a rug that is’s too small or too big for the space you want.  Remember that these rugs have three major uses : as accessories for the room, as a focal point for the room and for practical reasons.  Once you create the reason why you wish to have a rug in your room you will be ready to better establish the feel and look you are trying to achieve.  

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Once you have an area rug in your house, you’ll quickly realize what a great investment they are.  These rugs are easy to maintain, come in countless design probabilities and can be moved or re-arranged to go with your ever-changing decorating tastes.





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If you have a dog or a cat for a pet, you know that not every interior decorating idea is going to work. Just like those with young children in the home, you have to take your pets into consideration when you decorate. Fortunately, these days you have plenty of options for finding pet-friendly décor for your home.

Pet-Friendly Flooring Ideas
Even with the most well-trained animals, things like mud tracks and bathroom accidents are bound to happen. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go with a low-maintenance flooring option in your home.

One of the worst flooring options for people with pets is carpet. Both animal hair and dander are hard to remove and thus tend to stay in the carpet for a long time. Mud, urine, and other pet stains are also much harder to remove from carpet versus other flooring options.

The best flooring options for households with pets are: hardwood floors, laminate flooring, and ceramic tile. Not only are these types of floors easy to clean, but they can endure more traffic from your pets.

If you do decide to go with a hardwood floor, be sure to put a finish on the floor to protect it from your pet’s nails. Otherwise, you need to be sure to trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis. Add some area rugs to these types of floors for more color and comfort. Just be sure they can easily be cleaned in the washer and dryer.

Pet-Friendly Home Fabrics
When you have pets, you also really need to consider the fabrics that you use in your home. This is especially important for those households with a dog or a cat or even another pet like a bird or lizard who gets on the furniture.

For pets like dogs and cats, be sure to choose a fabric that’s easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about pet hair being a constant problem. If pet hair really presents a problem for you, then you might want to choose fabrics whose color is close to the hair of your pet so that you’re not cleaning the couches every day. If you have a black-haired cat or dog, you might want to stay away from a white or tan couch.

You also want to consider how easy the fabric will be to clean. If possible, you want to choose microfibers, which are much easier to clean stains off of than other fabrics. Any fabrics that are woven and have texture will actually trap pet hair. They can also be much harder to remove stains from.

For new furniture, a stain guard may be a great option for home with pets. Then stains can easily be lifted from the fabric by following the manufacturer’s directions.

If you have a pet, that pet is going to influence everything about the décor in your home in one way or another. Flower arrangements that you would normally put on a wooden coffee table or mission end table, for example, need to be placed somewhere that your pet can’t get into. So when it comes to pet-friendly decorating, you need to not only consider the larger items, such as flooring and fabrics, but also the smaller details, like flowers and candle placement.

In a home somewhere in America today sits a piece of Amish-made wood game room furniture, but its journey failed to begin there.  Nor did it begin in one of the online Amish furniture stores where the piece might have been bought.  It did not even begin in the straightforward Amish woodworking shop where the piece was made.  It commenced in a consumer’s heart, and with a single piece of wood.

That is because the buyer, when she chose to buy Amish furniture, had the choice to have it custom created.  She got to choose the wood it was made of, the hardware that was attached to it, and the way in which it was completed.  Once these were established, one of the Amish furniture stores conveyed the data to an Amish craftsman.  The craftsman meticulously hand-picked each individual piece of wood to match the furniture the customer were thinking of, paying special attention to the grain, and the journey was on its way.

The wood then went to an Amish woodworking shop, where an Amish craftsman took each piece and lovingly assembled the furniture by hand.  The woodworker, who was probably trained by his pop, took special pride in his work.  He finished the finish work with painstaking concern for detail.  Though he knew he would never see or meet the buyer, he wanted the piece to be a work of art as well as a bit of equipment that would be sturdy enough to last for generations.  When the furniture was ultimately complete, it left the hands of its tender creator and traveled to the owner of one of the many online Amish furniture stores.  From there, it entered the home of its final owner.  The owner never knew who made her pretty desk or chair or bed, but the love that he put into it was obvious.

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This may seem like the end, but the journey of this piece of wood home entertainment furniture is a long way from over.  As the Amish man who built it intended, it’ll last for generations.  Long after the owner is dead, it will remain in the home one of her children’s children.  There it will sit, a silent reminder not only of Amish furniture stores but of the quiet, straightforward life of the Amish craftsman.  And in today’s hurried world, that is priceless.





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Coffee tables can help put the finishing touch on lounge design. Because of their happy “lived in” feeling, they provide a touch of emotion in an otherwise ultra modern or contrived country look in the house. This is the most important part of the designing because very often rooms look lack-lustre despite having the most impeccable decorations. A little analysis will show that this is because of our failure to include furniture which would have proved comfortable and useful. We have seen homes in magazines and endeavoured to copy their clean lines and lack of clutter.

Human life is full of clutter however, and by intentionally deleting all of it from our homes we end up with a sterile environment that lacks the comfort of home. Hence, it becomes imperative for popular designers to design furniture which will complement the clutter of our daily lives without proving to be a great disturbance in the aesthetics of the room. They have to design things which will make a room beautiful and at the same time utilize clutter like novels, magazines, plates of biscuit and cups of coffee, effectively, and coffee tables suit this purpose aptly. console tables are just such a thing.

Coffee tables are great pieces of furniture to help keep the lounge neat, without bringing about a distinctive change in your living style. A coffee table will give you a place to organize incidental reading material such as those items listed above. Drinks too can be placed safely without fear of spilling them or causing any accidents. It will create a focal point for items carried into the lounge – which makes clearing them away later that much easier. You can also place works of art or beautiful decorative items on the table, it is a great place to keep flowers and indoor plants too. It can create an easy way to decorate your house for the seasons – change the display on the coffee table and the room takes on a different feel.

Coffee tables are handy and multi-purpose items of furniture. No matter what your design aesthetic there will be a low console table to compliment it. It can be placed in the room in spite of any type of decoration in it. Allow the coffee table to complete the decorations in your room. View more info and browse a great selection of home furniture articles.

For those who like to keep current with the styles and designs of today, a contemporary style might be the perfect décor choice for your home. Nowadays, contemporary styles have shifted and are no longer as cold and unwelcoming as they once were. Today’s contemporary styles are lighter, comfortable, and very welcoming.

So what exactly is needed to create that contemporary look? Simplicity, clean lines, and sophistication are the main components of this design style. Focusing on shape, size, and color is the key to any contemporary style. What will result is a fresh, sleek look that will fit just about any room in the home. Here are some other important features of contemporary style to consider.

Contemporary Color Choices for Your Room
Contemporary styles tend to favor neutral colors, although modern variants are incorporating more colors such as blues and greens. Black is often used to ground things, creating a base for the look. It’s best to keep walls neutral, using tones such as light gray, white, and light tan.

A new trend among contemporary styles is the monochromatic theme. In this approach, you choose one or two complementary colors such as green and blue and work with only those colors, adding in one or two punches of a neutral color such as black or white. Thus, for instance, you may coordinate white pillows with a modern light-blue chair.

Accentuate the Lines and Geometry of the Room
Contemporary style relies heavily on distinct lines in the design. Definite lines in your décor might stem from geometric shapes or bare windows. It’s important not to overcrowd the space, as each and every piece needs to stand on its own and not get incorporated into the whole.

Choose Sleek and Modern Furniture
Look for sleek and modern looks with geometric patterns when you go to furnish your room. Rather than a big plush, comfy sofa, you might go with a sleek wrap-around sofa with exposed peg legs for that contemporary look. Upholstered furniture should be neutral, in tones such as white, black, tan, and gray. You can also think about Amish furniture in contemporary style. Furniture with frilly accents or pillows, as well as skirts or trim on the bottom, should definitely be avoided.

Contemporary Décor That’s Basic, Bold and Functional
It’s important to remember that with contemporary style, less is more. This means the small, cute, little things in your room need to be eliminated as you focus on the larger objects. Floral and paisley prints need to be avoided, as well as fringe and ruffles.

Contemporary décor should always be basic, bold, and functional. For instance, a simple large candle on a dish may be all that’s needed on a shelf or table. Or you might decide on another contemporary piece, such as a glass vase with colored balls or marbles. Just limit your accents to one per surface area, and keep some surfaces bare.

Any room in your home can benefit from a contemporary style and can be achieved with something as simple as new  living room or bedroom furniture accents. Before you invest, however, be sure this is the style you want. Contemporary pieces are very difficult to incorporate into other decorating themes.

There are thousands upon thousands of retirement homes around the country, and they vary greatly in quality. A great deal of these are private homes, but there are lots that rely wholly on funding from the government as well. I report last year from The Care Trust however found that the quality of government-run retirement homes was not good enough and suggested that something was done to bring them up the standard of most of the private homes.

Very recently the government has announced that they will increase their budget on retirement homes by 10% over the next 5 years. The money will be spent on getting new white furniture into the homes and improving the overall interior design and decorations to both modernise and brighten up the buildings.

Alistair Pride of The Care Trust was quick to point out that they did not have an issue with the cleanliness of the retirement homes. “We were actually very pleased with the overall cleanliness standard that was being maintained” noted Pride. “We just felt the many homes had not kept up with the times and the décor was very drab”.Everybody has the right to live in a nice environment and seeing as people in these homes cannot make the changes themselves, people have to take the initiative. He continued to say that they were very happy that the government had listened to their recommendations and they look forward to seeing the improvements.

The way the government has decided to tackle the problem is by creating specialist teams of designers and decorators to visit the homes. “The money could have been handed over to homes directly, but this way we can have experts on the case and improving with each project” suggested a government spokesman. Over the coming five years the teams will actually go to these homes and bring in new furniture like dining furniture. They will also be implementing colour schemes into the buildings and replacing old and decrepit items with new pieces like white wardrobes and dining chairs.

A lot of family activities are made in the kitchen.  It is even safe to claim that the kitchen is the most essential area in each of our homes.  Naturally, most special family get together is not perfect devoid of food.  And where are we going to cook various types of food and share them with all of our family members and other guests than in the kitchen?  It is one place where all of the loved ones can get together at least once a day.

It is then significant that your kitchen be useful and yet still look and feel good at the same time.  There are different kitchen designs and one of these is the Victorian kitchen.  As the name implies, this style originated from the Victorian period, which happened between mid-19th century and the early quarter of the 20th century.  In the course of Queen Victoria’s rule, three popular layouts were seen: the Georgian simplicity for the first Victorian age, the heavier masculine appearance in the mid-Victorian era, and the more feminine power in the recent Victorian period.

Now what do you generally observe in a Victorian kitchen in general?  Well, there are a collection of silverware for fine dining as well as dish wares that are made of porcelain and clay.  Generally speaking, as the term Victorian implies, it must produce a feel of understated sophistication and it must be useful all together.

But of course, times have changed since the reign of Queen Victoria and you can use this kitchen style while adding your own design into it.  One way of achieving this is to be one of those people who have chosen to create bespoke kitchens. By doing a number of studies and asking for some suggestions for inspiration, you can come up with your personal Victorian style.

One thing that you have to consider to get this is the color that you are going to apply.  Having a painted kitchen suited for this particular design is very important as paint can have a huge impression on the entire touch of the kitchen.  You can go for daring and lively colors such as ruby, emerald green, and sapphire, though you can likewise do a mix and match to incorporate your own design.  Moreover, wood for the floor is advised although you can likewise make use of marble and ceramic tiles.

It is understandable that you would want to be hands-on to a feasible extent with regards to your kitchen style or that of your entire house in most cases.  But, it would not hurt if you seek for a clever opinion from specialists, specifically when you are in doubt.  This way, you get to truly experience some sense of satisfaction when you get the type of kitchen that you dream for yourself or for your family.

Many people struggle with the irritation of having too many items in their house and they do not realize what to do to manage their items. The only answer to this dilemma is to get a closet organizer with the assistance of which it will be feasible for to you put all the things in your home in order. A closet organizer will also let your home more roomy than before. It will offer you enough storage room and with this, you can arrange your things in such a fashion that there is a lot of space left in your home.

A number of people do not want to sell or give away the majority of items in their homes and as a result, they do not have enough open area in their home and the rooms end up becoming messy and untidy. If you are also facing the same issue, then it is about time that you purchase a closet organizer. With this storage area, you do not need to toss your favorite belongings and you will see that your home will not get messy and cramped. Most people abiding in the United States want a closet organizer to set their extra things in and make their home stay clean and tidy. You can also have a spacious home. All you have to do is get a closet organizer!

The coolest thing about this storage system is that you can keep anything in it, be it textbooks, apparel, etc. You can pack up anything that tends to end up tossed on the floor. A closet organizer will not merely manage all your stuffs, but it will also give your abode a tidy and organized air. If you have not managed to use the closet organizer and you have heard people singing its praises, then what are you waiting for? Buy a closet organizer today and begin using it by creating more space in your home.

With a quality closet organizer, you can save plenty of space by storing all the items that you do not need require. What’s more, it is easy for you to keep anything that you can think of in the closet. You can even store the things that you use every day in the closet so that you can free up extra space in your home and make your home look clean and tidy. With a closet organizer, you can make your home look roomy, neat and clean. Moreover, you will also get all the things that we carry! The closet organizer can be of various shapes and sizes. It all depends on your desires and demands.

Closet organizers is not hard on the pocketbook at all and, considering the benefits that you will enjoy when you get this item, you can think about buying two or more of these items so that you can keep your home organized!