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A duvet cover’s basic function is to protect or prevent the actual duvet from getting dirty, because it is much easier to wash a duvet cover than the actual duvet itself. When it comes to style and design of the covers the options are as varied as much as being artistic allows.

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there are various patterns and colors that you can select from. Compared to the price of an actual duvet the cover is much cheaper and allows you to vary the style of your bedroom as you can invest in a number of different covers. You can purchase covers that will compliment the things that you have in your room.

You could for example have a cover that will match the carpet in your room, another to match the furniture and other to match the wall paint. The nice thing about covers is they allow you to be constantly changing the way your room looks without much effort. As opposed to buying different duvets you can invest in a number of covers that will bring change to your enviroment.

They come in different sizes so it is always important to choose the correct size for your duvet. Picking the right size will avoid the hassle of trying to squeeze a large duvet into a small cover. Besides cotton which is the most common fabric there are other types of material that you can pick from. The type of cotton will also be different depending on the yarn size and other factors.

I would advise that you choose a material that is both durable and yet comfortable at the same time. Throwing this thing into the washing machine over and over again will result in it becoming weaker over a period of time and eventually tearing. You should pick a material that combines strength, style and comfort.

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If you are interested in fine cotton duvets I will have you know that the difference in fineness of material for thread counts above 350 is hardly noticeable. This is something that you can test yourself when you are next in a linen shop. for those that might feel that there is a difference in the high level thread counts then if they have that kind of money they are free to buy them .

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Cotton duvet covers come in various types differing in quality, strength, comfort and style. The most expensive cotton duvets are made from Egyptian and Swiss cotton. Just to give you an idea of how fine it is, this material is used for making babies bedding linen. For those that are looking for something classy and has style then this is for you.

For those that want to strike a balance between the price of the covers and the style that they want they might be interested cashmere cotton duvet covers made using Italian fabric. As I mentioned earlier you could also look to a more relatively cheaper type of cotton or fabric with a high thread count to give you the same effect as the high quality cotton.

another factor that affects the fineness is the size of the yarn considering the number of spins of particular yarn then you would notice that a multiple wound yarn has a finer feel then a single ply yarn. There is also a process that some covers might not under go which has to with the finish. This process is meant to make fabric wrinkle free and maintain its color. You will be able to tell by simply picking up the cover and having a feel of it. With practice these should be easy for you to spot.The quality is affected by more than just the thread count.

Picking out the right duvet cover is important. If you know the size of your duvet then you will always be able get a cover of corresponding size. A duvet cover for king size duvet, a double bed cover for a double bed duvet and so on.

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Buying one that is small has two problems, the duvet might not fit and if you do manage to somehow fit it, it will not cover the entire bed. Other things to think about when looking for duvet covers are quality, style, comfort and strength. Looking at the type of fabric, you have duvet covers that are made of cotton, silk and satin. Of these three cotton is the strongest and also the most durable.

Different types of cotton are available and the most expensive one is called Egyptian cotton. The satin duvet covers are much softer and are more stylish but not as strong as the cotton ones. Then next you have the silk covers. Silk worms are the ones that produce a thread that is then used to make the material silk. It is a beautiful and stylish material that is however lacking in strength. Choosing your cover from this category is all about preference.

The fabric types will also differ among themselves in terms of thread count, size of the yarn and the type of finish. For every material or fabric a higher threas means a finer finish. At high levels of thread count the difference becomes too negligible to consider. Considering high thread counts like 450 and 600 you will hardly notice the difference but for low thread counts like 200 and for 400 the difference is quite marked.

A two ply or three ply yarn provides a finer cover than a single ply. You can take all these factors into consideration when buying duvet covers to help you make the right choice.