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David Artsmith  –  The home is a place where we spend most of our time. Each evening, we retire to our residences not only to rest but appreciate its beauty and glamor. It is therefore important that we put in a lot of effort into making it beautiful and elegant. One way to do that is to apply suitable furnishings. These accessories will give the home a nice appearance but for a homeowner to get the best in home decor, he needs to attach great importance to decorative planning. Here are tips to let you get the most of your home, especially if you are moving in for the first time.

Rule number one is to shop for your home decor before you decide on what color to paint your room. The furniture and its accessories must be in concordance with the wall and not vice versa. The purpose of the space should be the deciding factor when choosing a color or tone for the space. Bedrooms should have dark colors such as blue or green. It will be out of place and inconvenient for the sleepers to have a bedroom with brightly colored walls. They are too bright and will make sleeping uncomfortable. A childs space can be decorated with lighter tones, and frivolous images, in order to simulate the look of a playground.

You must also remember during your decorative planning that every room has something called a focal point. This is referring to the focal point of the space, the one item which tends to draw attention and attract the view of people within any particular space. If you are dealing with a den or family room, then the focal point will be the room divider, the fireplace, or the coffee table.

For home decor to be effective you need to buy similar furniture. Do not buy different styles or designs. For example you cannot buy elegant dining tables for a living room with casual setting. Or mix upholstery dining tables with rustic sofas.

David Artsmith  –  We all like to surround ourselves with our favorite colors and objects. This way, we feel comfortable but when it comes to decor, some design and trends stand out. These are the furnishings that are in tune with modern times and will impress your visitors. We take a look at what is trendy today when it comes to home decorating.

Going green with home decor is the talk everywhere. Environmentally-friendly furniture is becoming common as the world encourages people to use eco friendly products. So you will see many of today’s decorative items incorporating some pieces that will help preserve the environment. Eco friendly furnishings can include wooden vases, recycled glass tumblers, and artificial plants.

You will often find glass lamps used in home decorating today, with the long curved necks being an especially popular design. They can give a space an upscale and sophisticated appearance. Usually found in studies and libraries, book cases have found their way to living rooms too. Modern decorators are putting these book holders by sofa sides and close to the walls. They come in contemporary and elegant designs and the tops are usually decorated with short vases, collectible cars and antiquated products.

Many homes are also blending various designs to achieve a unique kind of decor. Many rooms now have antiquated fireplaces, engraved doors, marble floors and Persian rugs in a rare combination. This way, the homeowner combines traditional, formal and classic decor into one special furnishing.

Comfort is also being emphasized in modern home decor. More and more people are buying extra soft cushions, silk sofa pillows and walnut leather furniture. Trendy home decor affords the homeowner the opportunity to decorate his room in accordance with modern styles and furnishings so that an old living room can have a contemporary look.

David Artsmith  –  When you have a coffee table in your living room, it is the centerpiece of a room. It acts as a focal point, dominating the center of a space, with everything else in the room arranging itself around this one central piece. Since it is so prominent you are able to use it as a stage, where you can display for your decorative inspirations. Or you can leave it bare, or sparse, and create a Zen like atmosphere.

The truth is that the most functional coffee tables are those that are bare. When its empty, its like a work station, a place where you can read male, play a game, put a puzzle together, or even have a meal. The moment you start cluttering it with a lot of useless items, the table top becomes a lot less functional.

However that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate a little bit. Not everything has to be functional; some things can just be beautiful. Just make certain that you leave at least a little room around the edges, so people will be able to slide past the piece.

Reading materials are the most common items that you will find on a cofee table. They are useful items that can provide distraction and entertainment to guests or family members. They are also a way of demonstrating your personality, because what you read, says a lot about who you are.

If you want to get creative, decorative accents can be arranged in any of a variety of patterns. These can include picture frames, candles holders, and decorative figurines. You can also use vases, or pots to create attractive floral arrangements.

A coffee table is a central accessory in a room. You can either choose to leave it bare and functional, or you can get creative, working your decorative magic across the surface of the piece.

Rustic decor refers to the type of furnishings made up of mainly roughly finished wood. It is considered a traditional or formal type of design. Sometimes it is known as country furnishings. Rustic decor gives the room an older, antiquated look. This appearance is ideal for rooms with antique fireplaces, engraved doors, high ceilings and Victorian windows. They also fit rooms used for holding formal meetings such as board rooms. Rustic decor can be used for halls, living rooms, garden or study. Rustic decor is also considered the appropriate style in most cabins or log home settings.

Rustic decor is considered environmentally friendly because wood is the main material used. In most cases, these pieces of wood have not been treated with any chemical and have an unpolished surface.

rustic decor refers to more than just the furnishings in a space. It applies to furnishings as well. You can use other living room accessories such as rugs to achieve this effect. Persian hand woven rugs are suitable choices for this style. If you are going to use an asian carpet, you should use it in a larger room, because then you can stretch it out all the way and ensure that its entire length can be seen. Rugs with animal, plant, lake or motif designs look more elegant than ones with geometric patterns. You will also have to choose rugs that match the shape of your room. There are square and circular ones that will blend with the floor design of your living room.

Wooden floors provide the same antiquated effect. Flooring of this type needs special care. These can be sensitive to liquid chemicals such as polish. To maintain their beauty, do not treat them with mixed polishes. Use the same polish constantly so that you do not have multiple colors showing on your wood surface. This situation can arise because water based polish and oil based ones produce different shades when applied to the same surface.

Rustic décor creates an antiquated look for your home. If you are a retro lover or simply want to go traditional, this kind of furnishing offers you the best opportunity.