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I think everyone loves lighthouses- at least my wife and I do. And as stair newels have a the general shape of a lighthouse it seems appropriate that some would take the form of a lighthouse. I have to say that I designed one for a contractor in New York several years ago and he really didn’t like the outcome. One of the challenges of designing one is figuring out where to attach the handrail.  Since lighthouses are predominately cylindrical there is no natural “flat” in a post-to-post lighthouse newel to easily attach the rail.   An over-the-post version would eliminate (or minimize) the top of the lighthouse features. The only reasonable alternative is to attach the rail to the upper cylindrical part of the newel – an installation challenge.

Whatever!! The following renderings was designed by me as a prototype.   It is 5 1/2 inches across the octagonal base.  The handrail (not shown) would attach just below the band below the lighthouse lens.


The design below was copied by me from a magazine image provided by the customer.  The base is 10 inches (mammoth) X 54 inches high

Lighthouse Newel

This is the same newel as above with the stair detail shown.  The tread sort of wraps around the newel base.  We turned this in poplar and the newel was painted as shown.  The customer installed square balusters however.

Lighthouse Newel

mantel surround with rope twisted columns

This is another model and rendering I did recently exploring mantel design with split rope twisted columns.  Presumably this would be made in cast stone but it certainly could be fashioned from wood.  The eyebrow arch makes for an additional good show I think – I love eye brow arches.  The mantel shelf is visually supported wit ha large crown molding.

Trying to sell your home these days is no easy task. Currently there are many more homes for sale than there are buyers, which makes it a buyer’s market. Particularly in a buyer’s market, you’re going to want to make sure that your house is dressed to impress.

What this means is that in order to get your house to sell a little faster, you might have to do some quick and simple decorating. If you are trying to sell your home, here are some decorating tips for you to consider.

Paint the Walls
If your walls are painted in loud or vibrant colors, you might want to think about painting them a more neutral or softer color. Although the new homeowners could come in and do this for themselves, sometimes the color of the walls can be distracting and you run the risk that this might take away from the appeal of the home for certain potential buyers. The other great thing about painting the walls is that it gives the home a fresh, clean look.

Keep the Décor Simple
When potential homebuyers look at a house, they want to envision what it might look like if it was their home. They’re not interested in what it looks like with 20 pictures of your family hanging on the wall. Thus, when listing your home for sale, it’s always a good idea to go around from room to room and take down some décor items.

Especially when it comes to your family pictures and other personal items of that nature, you want to keep things simple and neutral. Rather than having five pictures on the wall, cut it down to one. Or you might even want to hang something like a mirror or a clock instead. Keeping the décor simple allows potential homeowners to be able to look around and imagine what the house will look like with their possessions in it.

Replace Anything That’s Broken
Whether it’s a door that’s broken or a burnt-out light bulb, take the time to fix items around your house before you have people come look at it. You might want to take a thorough look around your house and check out the small things, such as light fixtures, doors, trim, cabinets, and appliances. Chances are, the repairs will be simple and inexpensive. It might just take a bottle of caulk to fix up the bathroom sink. Or perhaps you kitchen cabinet might need a new pull handle. These small fixes will help make your home seem well-maintained, which will make it more appealing for potential homebuyers.

Keep It Clean and Organized
When it comes time to put your house up for sale, you’re going to need to make sure that it’s always ready to be shown. The first thing to do when you list your home for sale is to give it a good cleaning from top to bottom. Then you’ll need to maintain that cleanliness on a daily basis. On any given day, when someone comes to look at the house, there shouldn’t be any dishes in the sink, dirty towels on the floor, or toys all over.

While you’re trying to sell, organize your home so that everything has a place where it can be put away. Put things you’re not using at the moment (such as seasonal items) in a separate storage facility. By opening up the storage areas in your home, you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of space in which to organize all your stuff. Some potential buyers will see a messy and crowded home and walk right out, without even looking at it.

If you want to sell your home fast, you’ll want to consider making some of these simple and quick decorating changes in order to make you home more appealing to potential buyers.

About the Author…
Leon Tuberman has 40 years of experience in the home furnishings and interior design industry. He owns and manages his family owned furniture store. They offer a huge assortment of solid wood furniture for your living room, home office and dining room that’s built in the Heartland of America. Whether you’re looking for a mission chest for your master bedroom or a oak end table for your living room then they carry everything you need.

High fashion and closet organizing are one in the same. It’s the only way to keep account of what you already own. As the saying goes “If you don’t know that you have a piece of clothing then chances are that you will never wear it?”.

If you’re like many people you have been surprised to find something that you can’t remember buying. If you don’t know what you own because you can’t see it do you think that you’ll ever wear it? Here are a few tips to organize your closet in a way to insure that you always know what choices you can utilize.

To a large extent, the choice in how you dress is limited to what you see in your closet. That is way it is important to have access to everything that you own. Still the clothes that you wear reflects the season and it is only natural to move Spring and Summer clothes out of the way for the more appropriate clothing of the colder months. closet systems make it easy to utilize any space

Even if your closet is small, you’ll still want a place to keep all of your different styles of shoes together where you can access them all at once. If you don’t have a larger closet or a closet organization systems then having a hanging shoe racks on the closet door(or multiple hanging racks) is a great and inexpensive way to see every single shoe style that you have.

Try not to mixed the different styles of shoes together. You can keep all of your heels one one shoe rack and your flats and sandals all together on a separate shoe rack if needed. Boots are another matter and won’t fit a shoe rack, so the best thing top do is to keep them in one place together in a bin or basket.

Like boots everyday bags can be bulky as well and they don’t necessarily need to be stored inside the closet(especially if your closet space is limited) but can be hung on a small wall rack where you can see all of them. If you are tight on space, hanging a rack outside the closet for your everyday bags make sense but  clutches on the other hand are small enough to put on a shelf or compartment inside the closet. Just make sure that they can be seen so you know what you have.

Accessories are easy to store and easy to loose as well. The great thing is that they don’t go out of style very often. Door organizer bags are perfect for storing ear rings as well as necklaces because they have see-through pockets so you know exactly what you can choose from and make a jewelry box a thing of the past. Again with bulky items  like bracelets you can store in decorative boxes

Last but not least is the way that your clothes are put into the closet to access quickly. Keeping the closet in different sections will allow you to account for everything that you own. Have sections for blouses, pants, skirts, jackets, long dresses and coats, etc.

Each section should start with darker colors and work towards the lighter tones and solids to patterns. this not only adds complete closet organization, but a very pleasing look to your closet.

As the seasons change so should the clothes that are displayed prominently in your closet. As it gets colder move the Spring/Summer pieces to the back of the closet and the Fall/Winter items to the front. If your clothes are important to you then having a highly organized closet will keep them fresh and up to date  .

When it comes to decorating a home it is important to view your floors as the foundation to the entire design of any room. That is why the perfect design tool is decorative area rugs because they allow you to introduce a wide variety of colors and design elements into one room like the conductor of an orchestra. A beautiful contemporary area rugs  will force the room to “sing” just one song instead of many at one time. But the key is in the accent colors of the rug that brings the unity of the different pieces of furniture and colors of the room together

Stay away from matching the main colors of the room when you choose a rug. This is limiting and will stand out if the rug and main colors of the room are not exactly matched. Accent colors are more forgiving to changes that may occur in a rugs color due to fading over time whereas the main colors will make the entire room stand out

Remember that the rug is our room’s foundation of design, That means that you should try to match the paint and furniture colors to the rug and not the other way around. By colors we mean the highlight or accent colors. Choose a rug that has a lot of accent colors. This give you a chance to use a lot of different elements that would be off limits to you if you had few accent colors

A design feature in decorative area rugs is the many contrasting accent colors. This allows you to introduce lively and vivid design element to the living area that normally would not go together if not for the rug itself while adding “warmth” as well as soften the sound to a room with hardwood floors

Oriental area rugs by themselves adds a high sense of style to a room and can allow you to combine a wider variety of furniture in different colors

Picking out the colors and furniture of the room’s design may be premature when you start, take a look at decorative area rug designs and the many different types of colors in it as rugs can be the focal point of the rooms design.

Celebrities are undeniable fashion and style icons, and this spills over into interior design as well. In fact in a recent survey done by the BBC, over half of people who were doing up their home, looked at what the rich and famous were doing in theirs first. But of course it is rarely the celebrities themselves that come up with the designs or concepts, instead leaving the task up to professionals.

An interior designer to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars has told one newspaper that people wanting to create an impressive room can structure their design around a centerpiece, such as a piece of white  bedroom furniture. Usually this is quite a large piece such as big white wardrobes, and it can afford to be as it is a neutral colour. The same cannot be said for other colours in the spectrum, which, when used on a grand scale tend to dominate a room and leave very little room for maneuver in terms of colour.

Kelly Wearstler told the Daily Mail that a big, bold centrepiece can provide inspiration and ideas for the rest of a room’s design, such as the bedside table or curtain design, and said that she loves the use of white and black to create contrast.  She is not the only one to adopt the contrasting of black and white in design as many professionals in New York have been using this in client’s homes for years.

She reportedly stated “the universal qualities of black and white make them my two favorite colours to use. It’s the textures and materials that make it interesting.” She added that lots of rooms that suffer from a lack of space or light can really be enhanced by using a simple, clean colour scheme.

Wearstler lastly commented that any room which looks untidy or messy, even when their is no clutter, really needs the colour scheme simplifying and more whites and blacks being injected into it. “It’s not a simple thing to get right, but if you’re strict with the colors you use, you can pull off a very sleek look”.

One of the most popular ways to decorate a home is with artwork, but most people believe it has to be expensive to look good. This is not the case, as inexpensive art can result in a wonderfully decorated room. If you are on a budget and still want to include art in your home décor, then here are some great ways to add interest and character to your home without spending much money.

Find Free Artwork around the House
With a quick look around your home, you are sure to find many pieces that can easily be framed to create a beautiful addition to a room. Some examples of what you might find would be: hanging calendars with pictures, postcards, greeting cards, and perhaps even a decorative flag. You can even add something special to some of these pieces to make them look more professional: simply matte them with matting board in the frame.

Look to Nature for Art Pieces
You can frame quite a few different items from nature using a shadow box or matted frame. For instance, you can frame a collage you’ve created from pressed flowers and leaves. Other items from nature such as sea shells, seeds, pinecones, branches, and flowers can all be used as pieces of art. It may take a little creativity on your part to come up with a collage of these items, but it is well worth it, for you’ll end up with artwork that fits your style perfectly.

Take Your Own Photographs for Your Artwork
If you have your own camera or can borrow one from a friend to take your own pictures, then the possibilities are endless for creating art for your home. After all, you can take pictures of just about anything: from flowers and trees, to houses and the sky . To add your own creative touch, use a photo editing website and develop the pictures in black and white or sepia. Be sure to have the photographs developed in the proper size, whether you end up enlarging them or printing them in normal size.

Get creative and display your photographs together on a wall in matching frames of different sizes. Or you can also collect the photographs into a book and place it as a center piece on arts & crafts end tables or arts & crafts coffee tables. If you’re not that creative, then enlist the help of a friend to take photos or go the more traditional route and take pictures of your family to hang on the walls.

If you get creative, you will be able to come up with any type of artwork for your home that matches your budget. It’s easy to turn everyday objects into pieces of art. Find some old illustrated books and see if there’s a picture that would look great in your room that can be framed and displayed. Or collect things like fabric swatches, buttons, magazine clippings, and other small items from which you can make a collage for a frame or shadowbox. There are so many possibilities for inexpensive artwork. You just need to take the time to look around your home and then use what you have.

Art is anything that you do on canvass while putting your heart and soul through as a message in colors. Why not add a little bit of passion to your bathroom remodeling as well by cordinating colors? In any home decor or interior decorating the colors and their harmony are essential. For many of us, bathroom is the place of solitude that speaks to our heart and gives time for ourselves. So cordinating colors in a bathroom remodel will only add up to your soothing felings that will leave you in heaven for the time being.

It is important that we get to know secrets about colors when planning to cordinating colors in a bathroom remodel. So for instance, we should know what fun colors are and what are considered best for relaxation. If you are not colorful in the head, it is best you stick to one color but settle for two different hues to add some variation. Split your wall up!

Basic colors such as white and black are cool to be used with some other color doing the magic in form of accessories – how about orange for a change?. While cordinating colors in a bathroom remodel you need to stick to a neutral color or two as well. So for instance, smaller bathrooms look good with pastel or cozy light colors while larger ones welcome rich colors.

Some think it is extremely boring to be  cordinating colors in a bathroom remodel using light colors. This is where borders and stencils comes in to the picture. Think about it even stickers could do the trick!. Synchornizing wallcolors withaccesories to have a contract always works well. So either you choose friendly colors or settle for contrasting evils – either way, your bathroom will look good.

Basic research on texture and colors is a must do before applying any color especially while cordinating colors in a bathroom remodel. If you think you need expert help, dont think twice about calling up an interior designer. This will enable you to make unique contrasts and bursts of freshness in your bathroom. If you are cordinating colors in a bathroom remodel of your personal design, then this is important. This is so because proper guidance will also help you blend in your personality and preference with the right colors that should be used together in a bathroom.

A child’s playroom should provide a place in the house where a child can have fun and enjoy having his or her own space. Although getting your child’s toys out of sight and into one room is an attractive prospect, that doesn’t mean the playroom should not have functional decorating. By following these great ideas, you can create a playroom that’s both perfect for your children and functional for you.

Have Plenty of Storage Options
To keep the playroom neat and organized, you need to have plenty of storage options. When everything in the room has its proper place, it makes it much easier for kids to clean up. You want to make sure you have plenty of organization and storage so that your child’s playroom doesn’t end up looking like a tornado blew through it on a daily basis.

You might find pieces of furniture such as wooden chests that also provide extra storage, or storage items such as plastic bins and shelving units.

Items with small pieces such as puzzles, art supplies, and other small toys, should be stored in individual baskets or bins.

Make the Playroom Durable
A child’s playroom is no place for your favorite piece of furniture, unless you want to get it broken. Even little girls tend to be rough on furniture and other decorating items. The easiest way to keep the room durable is to keep any décor items simple and kid-friendly.

Not only are plastic bins and baskets great for storage, but they can also serve as decorations for the room. Find a rug with darker colors and patterns to hide any stains that might come. Also be sure that rug is easy to clean.

Keep Play Areas Safe for Your Kids
Bolt any dressers, bookshelves, or mission desks to the wall to prevent them from falling on a climbing child. If at all possible, use only children’s size furniture. Furniture that’s too tall can be unsafe for younger children. Small toys and art supplies should be stored up high where small children can’t reach them. If you have a baby or toddler in the home, be sure to baby-proof the room by placing covers on all the outlets and getting rid of any hanging blind cords from the windows.

Let Your Child Have a Say in the Playroom
A child who has a say in how to decorate his or her playroom will enjoy that room so much more. It’s easy to ask your children’s opinion on such things as the color of the walls or what color carpet they want. Even a themed playroom isn’t that difficult with simple things like stencils and stick-ons added to the walls.

When your child likes the look of the playroom, he or she is going to be more likely to want to play in the room and keep it clean. It is far easier to allow your child a say in the room’s décor, at least to a degree.

The playroom should be your child’s favorite place in the house. It gives then their own space in which they can be creative and independent, and have fun. Follow these decorating tips and you’ll find that decorating a playroom can be much more simple and less expensive than you may have thought.

Interior decorating or home decor plays vital role in any party as makes stylish and even you can do more by displaying the main point of the party on plasma tv so anybody can see it in the house… But…
If you are thinking of having your own party, what do you think would be the best party decorating ideas that you can make use of? Party decorating ideas can differ from one party to another. It depends if the party is a simple one or if it is too extravagant. These celebrations are something that one would love to look forward to so they can socialize with other people.

Party decorating ideas would be needed in setting up any party that would take place, so you better be ready with this. To make sure that you will have enough time to spend in decorating, you have to plan the party several weeks beforehand, and you can put decorating as the last task for you to do.

Now, before you decide on which party decorating ideas you will make use of for this celebration, you must plan for the most important things first such as the budget, the number of people who are coming to the party, the where the party would take place, and the program. These are the factors that you have to consider first and then after, you can move on to decorating your venue.

If you prefer to have a themed party, it would be easier for you to decorate the place where the party will be held. Themed parties are easier to decorate because they have a lot of options to choose for. While, if this is a business or a more formal event, you have to look for simple party decorating ideas to fit the event itself.

As for being a part of the decoration committee for setting up an event, you have to be creative. To make your decorations favorable to the public, you should have a creative thinking mind and try decorating the area yourself. If you are not the party organizer, then you should confide with him or her so you can exchange thoughts and make a decision in some of the decorating stuff.

Keep in mind that you have to consider balance in decorating the place where the party will be held and the space available for accommodating everybody that will join the party. Do not over-decorate so you can leave more space for the guests to roam around.

As long as you can manage to keep everything organized and running according to plan, organizing a party would not be that hard for you. Do not hesitate to check out more options on the Internet, for you may find various party decorating ideas online to reference to just in case you need help.