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These are solid cypress columns we made for a local contractor. The rough lumber was delivered 12″ X 12″ X 10′. The final width was 10 1/2″ X 10 1/2″ X 99″. As such, we had to secure someone with a logging mill to bring them down to the near final thickness. They were quite heavy because of their size and the fact there there was still significant water in them (they were not sufficiently dry when we got them) We cut them to length with a combination of circular saw and chain saw. The images show our progression of bring them from square to finished turning and sanding. In the end there was significant checking due to the drying. As we turned deeper and deeper into the cypress wet wood was exposed and quickly began to dry causing the checking.





A local residential light company asked me to turn these columns for them. They make custom chandeliers for local builders and residents. They have artisans that finish them to make them old looking. The column on the left was finished by them. Pretty neat I think. They asked me to make 10 more based on the original.
I had to glue them in halves with a 1/2″ chase through the center for wiring. They will add the protruding arms for the lighting fixtures at the base of the column – about 6 feet in diameter.


These stair newels were turned for a customer in Aspen, Colorado. I know they look like Greek columns. But this is what they wanted. The flat tops will make a nice place for the things you should be putting away somewhere else. The challenge for the installer is to cope the handrail to the round column since there is no where else to attach it to. Sometimes can be impractical

Greek Column Stair Newels

The 8 inch X 8 foot fluted columns are crafted in poplar. Pictured with my youngest son, the columns went to a home in the Baton Rouge area.

Fluted Columns


Columns can make a strong design element to your home. Interior Columns like these can be used to visually separate and define spaces.

I made these mantel columns for a friend a few years back. He was in the middle of renovating an old house. The fireplace is actually not functioning anymore. It was originally a coal burner. He probably put books or flowers in the fireplace to decorate.

fireplace columns

fireplace columns

The columns are 6 inches X 50 inches high and are salvaged cypress (very popular in our area). They are barley twisted left and right handed. FYI cypress is often salvaged from old house and warehouses in the South.