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Round Table with four column base

This is a round table similar in concept to the rectangular table in the previous post.   This is one however I have just completed for my own home.  I guess I should post pictures.  I painted the base (blue) and glazed it before spaying a clear sealer.  The top, however, is red oak – stained and glazed.

I made these rope twisted columns for a customer in Florida. As you can see they are hollow, turned from staved hollow octagons. By the way that is my youngest son in the picture. The Youtube video has at present over 40,000 views.
The poplar columns were actually designed to be a part of a rather large bed for the customer of my customer. I would have loved to see the final project and to post it but you don’t always get want you want.

rope twisted columns

rope twisted columns

rope twisted columns

rope twisted columns

I love it that I snapped the picture right when my son had received a call.

The Youtube video follows:

Celebrities are undeniable fashion and style icons, and this spills over into interior design as well. In fact in a recent survey done by the BBC, over half of people who were doing up their home, looked at what the rich and famous were doing in theirs first. But of course it is rarely the celebrities themselves that come up with the designs or concepts, instead leaving the task up to professionals.

An interior designer to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars has told one newspaper that people wanting to create an impressive room can structure their design around a centerpiece, such as a piece of white  bedroom furniture. Usually this is quite a large piece such as big white wardrobes, and it can afford to be as it is a neutral colour. The same cannot be said for other colours in the spectrum, which, when used on a grand scale tend to dominate a room and leave very little room for maneuver in terms of colour.

Kelly Wearstler told the Daily Mail that a big, bold centrepiece can provide inspiration and ideas for the rest of a room’s design, such as the bedside table or curtain design, and said that she loves the use of white and black to create contrast.  She is not the only one to adopt the contrasting of black and white in design as many professionals in New York have been using this in client’s homes for years.

She reportedly stated “the universal qualities of black and white make them my two favorite colours to use. It’s the textures and materials that make it interesting.” She added that lots of rooms that suffer from a lack of space or light can really be enhanced by using a simple, clean colour scheme.

Wearstler lastly commented that any room which looks untidy or messy, even when their is no clutter, really needs the colour scheme simplifying and more whites and blacks being injected into it. “It’s not a simple thing to get right, but if you’re strict with the colors you use, you can pull off a very sleek look”.

When you buy furniture you really cannot go far wrong if you go for white!

The popularity of white furniture, such as bedroom furniture has increased a lot in recent times. People seem to be reverting to the minimalist look and the clean feeling that comes with it. When it comes to furnishing our homes the choice is endless. White furniture is produced in dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, dressers, bookcases and much more. You can even get white bedside tables now

You will find that the most used colour in interior design is white. This is so particularly in bathrooms and kitchens where cleaning and most importantly, the preparation of food is carried out. This is primarily due to hygiene and of course it makes sense that dirt shows up significantly on white and surfaces are more readily kept germ free.

It is said that technically this is not really a colour as such, it is in fact a neutral.

It was Sir Isaac Newton who experimented in 1666, using a hole in a window shade that admitted a ray of sunshine into a dark room, where a glass prism was placed in such a position that enabled the light to pass through it. He found that the ray of light was refracted when it passed through the prism and spread a beam of multicoloured light in all the colours of the rainbow which appeared as white on the wall beyond.

Newton’s conclusion was that white sunlight was a mixture of many different types of light, each one being a single pure colour and that each colour was bent at different degrees, violet by the most and red by the least.

It was found that white light does in fact contain all the colours within it, they are simply not visible as they are being reflected.

I have seen some wonderful interior designs which are entirely white with just the odd addition of one or maybe two other colours introduced into the design. So don’t dismiss the use of white painted furniture in your decor because white interiors, especially it seems white dining room furniture, tends to have a very calming effect and help you relax and feel at home.

Some of the most important yet most disregarded furniture in a home is found in the dining room. People habitually misjudge the things that good dining furniture can do in creating the right ambiance for one of the most sacred things a family could share – meals. Even guests will take notice and feel uncomfortable when things seem to be not right or misplaced. If everyone seems to have a reason for declining your lunch or dinner invitation, it could be time to give your dining room furniture a makeover. When you talk of dining room furniture, the most significant piece would be the dining table. Aside from looking classy and elegant, it has to be just the right size and height for you and your family and even your guests. Of course, around your table, you would require chairs. If you want mealtime to be a pleasing and comfortable activity, you have to make sure that the height of the table and chairs is comfortable enough for you to be able to move about in your seat with ease. The furniture you get for your dining room will naturally contribute much to the overall appeal of your dining room. An ideal choice would be those hard-wearing Amish-made furniture which are graceful and elegant all at once. This kind of furniture is rather famed for its sturdiness and is both comfortable and stylish with its distinct textures and designs. Plus, since there are many available choices you make with wholesale Amish dining furniture, it will nearly be a breeze pulling together a great design for your dining room interior. Nonetheless, even as the dining table is always the center of every dining room, it is not the only thing that matters when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere in this part of your home. Actually, your furniture won’t be whole exclusive of the accessories. Barstools, cabinets, buffets and sideboards all make important contributions in creating a good ambiance for your all-important dining moments. Opportunely, dining furniture now comes in many great varieties in both chic and price. You can straightforwardly look for an appropriate dining set that makes a great addition to your dining room. As usual, it’s always best to review as many options as you can from the Internet to the yellow pages. And when you review your choices, you don’t just look at them. You’ll also want to ask the saleslady on warranty, maintenance, repairs, home delivery and other issues that are bound to have an effect on you as a buyer. Bedroom Furniture, Designing Your Own Home Yourself or Hiring an Interior Designer, bedroom furniture – Whatever informatio you are looking for about furniture, you can definitely find them online.

There’s never a better time to give your home a new look than summer. The season lets you to paint your walls with your windows open and your furniture outside where there’s many fresh air to dissolve potentially damaging fumes you may breathe in. When you’re thinking big time renovations such as redoing or changing your roof, summer is all the more perfect. This time of year is all you need to give your living areas those new, exciting spices. And while it’s tempting to work only on where you welcome guests, your bedroom should be given as much attention. In reality, your bedroom should probably be your focus because this is where you’ll spend most of your time in when you’re at home. Your bedroom furniture is also what bears the brunt of your daily wear. Tally the number of hours you lay in your bed each day, including nights when you’re tossing and turning because sleep is indefinable. How frequently do you sit on that chair while brushing your hair and marveling at it endlessly on your dresser’s mirror? How much have you wiped off your closet’s finish as you desperately try to find a good outfit to wear to the office each day? It shouldn’t hurt giving this part of your home the care it needs to offer you a more relaxed experience each night you retire in it. A good way to start your bedroom enhancement project is to build a miniature scale model of your room or to simply draw a floor plan where you can arrange and disarrange the bedroom furniture you have. If you’re thinking of getting a new set, having a concrete picture you can manipulate such as a scale model or drawing will give you all the advantage of moving things around without even touching them yet. Your bed, nightstand, cabinets, study table and that warm, cushy couch should be all in the right places. Experiment with the arrangements and keep in mind that balance is the key to every well-furnished living space. Compared to getting new furniture, giving old pieces a new look is so much more stimulating because they pose a challenge that may be difficult at first but is very rewarding once you’ve pieced things together. You have to think of colors, textures, and visual weights of the pieces and how to make them come together so that they’ll end up looking like a whole new set you bought at once. The challenging part is how to mix everything flawlessly so they come out as an easy match. It would be magnificent to have all the reasons to want coming home to your bedroom at the end of every day. Give it a nice do this summer when you have Mother Nature on your side as you repaint your walls and furniture or just refinish them. Bedroom Furniture, The Importance Of Bedroom Furniture Of Your Life, bedroom furniture – Whatever informatio you are looking for about furniture, you can definitely find them online.

Not just because you’ve got a house doesn’t mean you’ve got a home as well. And whether you like it or not, your furniture will have a way around making that house a home. Traditional furniture will always exude that regal aura. Somehow, it takes you to that era where kings and queens ruled and masters and servants had worlds between them. But when it comes to getting something refreshing and energizing and forward-looking, you’ll find it wise to invest in modern furniture. Not everything modern may not work for you, either. Something may look good but it’s not a guarantee that it will be a good addition to your interior design. It is, then, important to spend a considerable amount of time thinking over and considering your options before finally settling on a choice. While there are cheap furniture out there, that’s still money you’ll be buying it with and regret is the last thing you’ll want to feel in this kind of scenario. To avoid it, take heed to some golden rules in buying furniture. What else could be more basic than first determining what’s best for you. You may be tempted to buy those furniture which look great on that showroom window or that website. However, again, beauty in what you see is not a sign that this furniture is good to have. First, it may not even go with whatever furniture you already have. Second, you may not even need it. Third, it might not even fit through your door. Yes, some people go out and buy furniture without thinking if it would even go past any entrance to their home. Bottom-line, you have to plan everything when you’re looking to buy furniture, from measurements to style. After you’ve planned things out, stick to it but don’t jump at the first thing you see that seems to be the one you’re looking for. Whether that’s a dining table or a bedroom furniture dresser, it’s best to look around and find as many choices as you can before deciding to buy. The more choices you have, the more you’re able to explore the things you want from your furniture and the more you know about what you want, the more you’ll probably end up being satisfied with your purchase. It’s given that you need to select through as many choices as you can to arrive at the one that’s probably the best for you. Problem is, do you have the patience and the energy to go around town from end to end in search of that furniture that you’ve planned on getting? If your answer is no, no problem. There’s an easy way to it and maybe even better. Shop on the Internet! In the comfort of your own home, a few clicks of your mouse and some typing, you’ll have the most choices you have of probably the most cost-effective alternatives you can get. Online shops don’t have too much to spend on to maintain the business, that’s why they could afford to give you such great discounts even for typically expensive pieces. When you shop through the Internet, you don’t pay for a store’s electric bills and other utilities, and all your money goes into is the furniture you’re buying plus, of course, a reasonable percentage for the businessman. A Welcome to Country Bedroom Furniture, bedroom furniture, A Welcome to Country Bedroom Furniture – Whatever informatio you are looking for about furniture, you can definitely find them online.

If you want your bedroom sleek and simple, Shaker furniture is the way to go. This type of furniture leaves no room for ornate details and fancy carvings so all you really get is your piece bare and highly functional. Yet with its simplicity, the style can be charming on its own. This is the reason why it continues to grow in popularity among most homemakers these days. Shaker furniture actually began centuries back when it was created by a group of modest Christians called the Shakers who espoused that simplicity and efficiency are two most basic guiding principles in making furniture. They believed that with their simple designs, they were able to express the values and beliefs they practiced in daily life. Their principle was based on quality being more essential than anything that was seen through the eye. Thus, they built their furniture with the highest level of craftsmanship with beauty playing a minor role. These days, Shaker furniture remains as a trademark of the religious group who continues to influence the modern furniture industry with its emphasis on quality over aesthetics. Decorating your home Shaker style will need you to understand basic architectural elements such as straight, uniform lines. If you’re looking for anything curved or twisted, you won’t find it with this type of furniture where modesty is the best and all. Another Shaker trademark is its joinery which uses the classic tenon and mortise and dovetailing. No screws, no nails, and no braces will be necessary for joining the pieces together. This furniture is also characterized by chairs with intricately woven seats. This is something distinctive about Shaker chairs that wouldn’t be found in other furniture building styles. These days, there’s probably none left of the communities that used to produce Shaker style furniture. However, their legacy of superb craftsmanship and straight designs continue to manifest in most modern furniture. Anyone can look into furniture shops and find pieces with the same straightforward characteristics such as bare straight lines and plain colors as accents. In the modern times, Shaker furniture may be likened to the trend towards minimalism which highlights lines and shapes instead of the elaborate elements of traditional furniture. This design is also viewed as a refreshing respite from the heaviness of more classic styles. The principle of minimalism is also centered on modesty being beauty in itself. If only for these similarities, one may conclude that the Shakers have laid the foundation for minimalism as a modern trend in furniture. Bedroom Furniture, A Look At Eco Friendly Asian Furniture, bedroom furniture – Whatever informatio you are looking for about furniture, you can definitely find them online.

If you just can’t let go of that mahogany bedroom furniture set that has been in your family for a third generation now, then don’t. But don’t necessarily keep it looking that old as there are ways to make it come alive in this age while still maintaining its classic qualities and charm. Reviving those old pieces may take just a little bit more of your time and attention, but once you’re done with it, you will be so glad you held on. You’ll want to begin with repairing the finish, of course. If this furniture has lasted for decades upon decades, it surely must have accumulated scratches and some dented portions. You can eliminate the problem simply by soaking the affected part of the wood with a wet fabric for a number of hours. Then, while leaving the cloth on the furniture, run a steam iron over it with the dent and scratch or scratches underneath. You should continue on until the cloth is heat dried while being careful to keep the iron away from the wood’s finish. That part of the wood should soon swell with the surface leveling out. Regular care of your solid wood furniture can consist of washing it with a damp cloth. You may use one of those duster sprays but not the one that comes with wax as this could eventually make the wood look dull. Polishing wood furniture will simply need you to research on which furniture polish brand will give your wood the nicest sheen, but those based on lemon oils are widely preferred. The way you use your heirloom furniture will naturally affect how much longer it lasts, so basic to your plan of care would be to use coasters for both hot and cold drinks and hot pads for anything that just came out of the oven or microwave. Stains from permanent markers, certain glues and cigarette burns are also permanent and should be avoided at all times. If you want to preserve the wood’s natural look, you can always count on protecting its finish. But if you think you’re ready to give that bedroom set a new look, you can paint each piece with the same tone and make it look more like casual contemporary bedroom furniture. Surely, this must provide your bedroom with a sense of renewed energy as you give its classic structure a modern twist. Still, repainted furniture will need you to care for it the same way that you would preserve your furniture heirloom’s traditional value. Acquiring A Great Sleep – Bedroom Furniture, bedroom furniture, bedroom furniture – Whatever informatio you are looking for about furniture, you can definitely find them online.

When designing your bedroom interior, color will always play a major role. It’s important to devote attention to this aspect of your design as it will mostly carry the overall look of what you finally put together. It is especially important because any color will be powerful enough to affect your attitude and disposition, especially in a place as intimate as your own bedroom. This is where you’ll be spending the first and last crucial minutes of your everyday life, so you don’t really want to take chances by making the wrong choices. When choosing the color for your room, think of an ordinary day and how this shade would make it brighter or dimmer. Basically, colors fall only under two categories when it comes to the way they affect your senses – warm and cool. Warm would be the reds and oranges and yellows while cool would be the blues, greens and purples. Your choices will also depend a lot on personality factors but a good way around choosing the right shade would need you to consider the size of your room as well. Warm tends to add space by radiating energy outward while cool is likely to create a contracting effect, which simply means it will make your room look smaller that it is. More essentially, colors will affect the way you’ll probably perceive a day in your life to be. For example, waking up to sunny hues would help to invigorate you with a sunny disposition as well, while the cooler ones will have a calming, soothing effect. Sometimes, cool colors tend to be dangerous for someone who has an existing tendency to be depressed or dispirited. Basically, you’ll want a color that doesn’t only collaborate well with the other elements of your traditional or modern furniture and design but one that simply makes you feel good about yourself, the new day and life in general. Your furniture and your walls will make the focal points of your color choices and while they don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same, they have to be in the same category to work. For example, if you have a cool shade on your walls, your furniture should be a cool shade as well. They don’t have to be exactly the same color, but they have to be in the same plane. While there’s no hard and fast rule in interior design these days as people have become increasingly welcoming of unconventional techniques, the basics remain, especially in terms of color. Bedroom furniture, Solid Wood Platform Beds For Bedroom Furniture That Breathes You, bedroom furniture – Whatever informatio you are looking for about furniture, you can definitely find them online.