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Time to redo your bedroom? If you want to hop out of bed in the morning with some zip in your step, consider giving your bedroom an energetic new look.

Most interior designers would say decoraging your bedroom to present a quiet, peacful feeling will enhance your sleep. It is okay to keep using your neutral and pastel colors but it can end up being very boring after a while. If you really want to spice things up, consider adding some zebra print bedding!

With the bed as a focal point, you can start by painting a wall behind it and this should dress it up. Another decorating idea is to use wallpaper behind the bed, changing it into a place that is more than a furniture area. Be select in the pattern you pick out, but you do not have to get one that is a wishy-washy design. Use a wallpaper border if you would like some room definition and variety in your room; they are usually not overpowering.

The next step in a bedroom redo is to choose quality bedding.

The first question to consider is the type of bedding you will use, such as keeping your current style of decor or changing it to a bolder style using bright geometrics or an animal print. Try to choose a color that is pretty and interesting, but not so wild that it will make it hard for you to sleep. You might want to try adding a zebra print comforter.

Get the best quality bedding your budget can stand. Many designers will tell you to buy good bedding, even if you have to resist buying other things for the home such as knick-knacks or decorations. To cover your bed, use a style you prefer but get a a sheet set that is 300-count and a satin, microsuede or faux fur quilt. There are plenty of different styles of decorative pillows and neckrolls to throw on your bed especially if you like to read or watch TV there. The point is: This is the most intimate space in your home. Make it as sensual as you like.

Clutter is the enemy of any bedroom decor, so it’s crucial that no matter what design style you choose there are plenty of ways to bring order to bedroom chaos. At the bottom of your bed you may want to place lidded ottomons to use for storage or as a sitting place. Your every day’s collection of stuff can be put easily on several trays that you place on your dressers. Shop for baskets of seagrass or wicker to place under your bed to keep your clutter hidden; these are more stylish that clear plastic boxes.

You should consider buying a plush rug to put at the bedside to give you extra warmth. A well-chosen area rug beneath the bed also helps to complete its function as the room’s focal point.

Finally, fit in the artwork and accents that will give the bedroom your personal style. By decorating with different vases, you will bring Mother Nature into the sleeping space. Perhaps the bedroom is where you want to display a collection of family photos, or examples of your favorite pastimes. Buying Bedroom Decor Can Help Energize You When You Wake Up

Should you need to stay within a budget, a bed-in-a-bag ensemble is a great way to start your redecorating. The coordinated linens will give you both a focal point and a color scheme to build upon. And don’t forget to try and spruce things up with a zebra print bed in a bag.

Decorating your bedroom for a little bit of extra romance can be an inexpensive creative and fun project. Keep in mind that the entire point is to reconnect with your significant other.

The lighting is a great place to start redecorating your bedroom, in addition to mirrors and even candles. Keep in mind that your window treatments and drapes can help establish a calming and quiet mood as well.

Lots of people naturally think of satin or silk when they get ready to purchase romantic bed linens. These sorts of linens can really get expensive in a hurry. No worries, because the good news is you can find some excellent deals for sateen bed linens that give you a wonderful luxurious feel. Good color choices for a more romantic bedroom might be red, black, bronze, gold — something along those lines

Remember to pay attention to the textures and fabrics of your home bedding as well. Velvet, faux fur and velour can be added for a more luxurious touch of romance. You can include comforters blankets and throw pillows that feature some of these other textures as well. A few of the favorite luxury bedding makers are Bonjour, Peacock Alley and Sferra. This fine bedding is valued everywhere, for its lasting beauty, workmanship and softness.

Now that you have everything set with the bed linens, the lighting, mirrors and candles, why not add a little touch of soft music. Why not add some roses or your other favorite flowers, some wine or champagne and maybe some nice chocolates. You don’t have to save this romance for just a special occasion, you can really create this atmosphere anytime you want What would be the perfect surroundings for you and your love to really feel connected and relaxed together. You’ll see how easy it is to create that romantic bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom for a little bit of extra romance can be an inexpensive creative and fun project. Remember that the whole point is to get reconnected with your partner and to relax completely.

Lighting can be a truly wonderful place to start when redecorating your bedroom, as well as candles and mirrors of course. The window treatments and drapes can also add that special touch and help create a quiet mood.

Most people think of silk or satin when they get ready to buy romantic bedding. These can be a little pricey however, and may not fit into your budget. The good news here is that you can still get some excellent quality 100% cotton sateen bed linens that still give you that luxurious sensation. Great color choices for today’s modern romantic bedrooms would be ivory, black, pearl or red.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the textures in your bed linens. Other fabrics like silk or velvet can be added for an extra romantic touch. Comforters, throw pillows and blankets with some of these other textures can be added also. Peacock Alley, Bonjour and Matouk are some favorite luxury bedding brand names. Finer bedding like this is highly valued not just for its very high thread count but also for its attention to details, soft hand, and of course lasting beauty.

Now that you have everything set with the bed linens, the lighting, mirrors and candles, why not add a little touch of soft music. How about some roses, chocolates and champagne. Of course this does not have to be just for special occasions, you can really surround yourself with luxury and romance like this every night if you want to. All you need to do is be creative and figure out what will help you and your partner feel relaxed and connected to each other. Let your imagination be your only limit.

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