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Just how much of an impact does thread count have on the quality of bed linen, and is it the most important fact to consider when choosing bed linen? This article takes a look at some other aspects to think about when purchasing bed linen.

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We have all been led to believe that the higher the thread count then the better the quality of the linen. Maybe thread count is overemphasized and other factors to take into consideration are then overlooked such as the type of fabric. Oh you didn’t think all bed linen was made of linen did you?

the thread count does have an effect on quality and a material with a higher thread count is usually of better quality than one with a low thread count. The importance of thread count when weighed against other factors is not so marked. The emphasis that has been placed on the thread count can all be attributed to the marketing media. At this point it would help to go through the other qualities and how much of an effect they have on bed linen.

The 100% cotton sheets are the most popular. Two factors will have an impact on quality when it comes to cotton sheets. The length of the cotton fiber, naturally the longer the fiber the stronger the product. That is why you have different types of cotton like Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton. Next we look at the size of the yarn which gives an indication of the fineness of the linen. If you have heard of the terms sinlge ply, two ply and so on this is where they come in and a multiple wound fabric is of better quality than one with less yarn.

The finish is an industry secret that low quality bed linens may not undergo. Just to sum it up you might have linen made from nylon or polyester that is high in the thread count at a high price and yet considering the fabric it is not strong. In such cases you are better of settling for a material that is strong but having a lower thread count. This way you are assured that the linen you buy will last you a much longer time. So you see that the quality of linen is affected by more than just thread count.

Designing the rooms in your house requires time and energy. If it is your first time decorating, there are some key tips to help you along. There are some very basic things to get you started.

1) If there is more than just you living in the house, the first thing you need to do is think about the personalities of the other people you are living with. If you are single then you only need to look at your own personality. Problems can occur when two people live together with opposing design preferences. Compromise and negotiate on colour, furniture and accessories so you end up with rooms you both like.

2) Have a look in magazines and design journals for inspiration and to get an idea of what your room could handle. It can be hard to get creative and form ideas when you are looking at blank walls so these magazines should help.

3) The colours of the room will set the tone for the space so really take your time on that one. First start with the colours you like. If you already have furniture or have some in mind, look carefully at the colours in them. The fabrics in your room are also important so find curtains and things to compliment. In bedrooms, your bed linen should suit the colours on the walls and act as a focus.

4) It is important to position your furniture wisely so that you do not overfill the room. Making a room look and feeler smaller is not a good idea. Keep rearranging until it is right.

5) Accessories can really liven up a room and make it look like a home instead of a show room. Add extra colour and texture to your room by using plants and flowers. Not only are they good for the air around you but they can make a room feel more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to make your room look lived in, adding personal touches will make you feel more comfortable at home.

You can decorate your own home without finding it difficult. You just have to find out what your style is and what makes you want to be there and then have fun putting it all together.

Decorating your bedroom for a little bit of extra romance can be an inexpensive creative and fun project. Keep in mind that the entire point is to reconnect with your significant other.

The lighting is a great place to start redecorating your bedroom, in addition to mirrors and even candles. Keep in mind that your window treatments and drapes can help establish a calming and quiet mood as well.

Lots of people naturally think of satin or silk when they get ready to purchase romantic bed linens. These sorts of linens can really get expensive in a hurry. No worries, because the good news is you can find some excellent deals for sateen bed linens that give you a wonderful luxurious feel. Good color choices for a more romantic bedroom might be red, black, bronze, gold — something along those lines

Remember to pay attention to the textures and fabrics of your home bedding as well. Velvet, faux fur and velour can be added for a more luxurious touch of romance. You can include comforters blankets and throw pillows that feature some of these other textures as well. A few of the favorite luxury bedding makers are Bonjour, Peacock Alley and Sferra. This fine bedding is valued everywhere, for its lasting beauty, workmanship and softness.

Now that you have everything set with the bed linens, the lighting, mirrors and candles, why not add a little touch of soft music. Why not add some roses or your other favorite flowers, some wine or champagne and maybe some nice chocolates. You don’t have to save this romance for just a special occasion, you can really create this atmosphere anytime you want What would be the perfect surroundings for you and your love to really feel connected and relaxed together. You’ll see how easy it is to create that romantic bedroom.

Decorating your bedroom for a little bit of extra romance can be an inexpensive creative and fun project. Remember that the whole point is to get reconnected with your partner and to relax completely.

Lighting can be a truly wonderful place to start when redecorating your bedroom, as well as candles and mirrors of course. The window treatments and drapes can also add that special touch and help create a quiet mood.

Most people think of silk or satin when they get ready to buy romantic bedding. These can be a little pricey however, and may not fit into your budget. The good news here is that you can still get some excellent quality 100% cotton sateen bed linens that still give you that luxurious sensation. Great color choices for today’s modern romantic bedrooms would be ivory, black, pearl or red.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the textures in your bed linens. Other fabrics like silk or velvet can be added for an extra romantic touch. Comforters, throw pillows and blankets with some of these other textures can be added also. Peacock Alley, Bonjour and Matouk are some favorite luxury bedding brand names. Finer bedding like this is highly valued not just for its very high thread count but also for its attention to details, soft hand, and of course lasting beauty.

Now that you have everything set with the bed linens, the lighting, mirrors and candles, why not add a little touch of soft music. How about some roses, chocolates and champagne. Of course this does not have to be just for special occasions, you can really surround yourself with luxury and romance like this every night if you want to. All you need to do is be creative and figure out what will help you and your partner feel relaxed and connected to each other. Let your imagination be your only limit.

Not getting enough sleep is not a nice experience. It can knock you out of sync for days creating a cycle of being tired through the day and hopelessly awake at night. Two or three hours sleep can be enough for some people but I know that I am not alone in needing at least seven hours before I am fit for anything. Many people rely on a bedtime ritual to prepare them for a long and peaceful sleep such as having a warm bath, drinking a cup of warm milk or taking a few moments to breathe deeply. We can adapt our bedroom into a room designed to help us get to sleep and stay asleep for as long as possible. Spending a little money to adapt some of your bedroom’s features will create a room designed for your relaxation.

LINED CURTAINS: Replacing your drapes with lined curtains has several benefits. They have insulating materials which can significantly reduce the noise that enters your bedroom from outside, including road noise, as well as regulating the room temperature for a comfortable atmosphere. There is also the option to install a blackout lining which can be very useful during the summer months as no light is able to enter the room. As we are often kept awake or woken up early by noises like birdsong and early sunrises, lined curtains will solve these problems.

SOUND STIMULATORS: Your partner’s snoring or the constant rumbles of outside noises are not sounds that tend to relax us. Investing in soothing sounds on a CD or a sound stimulator can produce noises that are proven to relax. Acoustic relaxation can be another way in which you experience deep sleep.

YOUR BED: New bed frames and mattresses can be expensive but an uncomfortable bed can lead to an uncomfortable night’s sleep. By purchasing a mattress topper and the right duvet, you can have a better sleep without the expense of a whole new bed. The right duvet will stop you from getting to hot or too cold during the night and a topper can suit the firmness you need for a good night’s sleep. Making your bed the centre of relaxation and comfort will set you in good stead for a perfect night’s sleep.

You could stop bad sleeping patterns by trying out some of these tips.