Stair handrails are going to be configured in one or two ways. The rail will either be continuous over the newels or the handrail will terminate at the newels. When the handrail stops at the newel, the newel is said to be a post-to-post newel. That means the post-to-post newel will rise above the handrail. Post to post newels have a flat area just below the top that the handrail connects to. This newel will typically have a ball or acorn or perhaps a mushroom motif above the flat area.

post-to-post newel

The over-the-post newel, on the other hand, is completely under the handrail. This newel has a dowel pin on top to connect to the handrail or hand rail “fitting”.

Over-the-Post Newel

Over-the-Post Newel

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