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These alder kitchen island legs are 5 1/2″ wide X 36″ long. The particular twist on these island legs is called a barley twist. I suppose it simulates barley grain or a stalk of barley??? I’ve never grown barley (seen it in pictures only) but this is what it is called. You will have to make your own judgment about whether the name is justified or not.
The alder, for some, has become a substitute for cherry. You’ll have to use your judgment on this as well as to whether alder resembles cherry. But alder it is. Alder is more plentiful in the West and not so common here in the Deep South but it is, in fact, shipped here. The alder I purchase is knot plentiful except for the select grades (which is what is pictured below). Even the select has occasional small tight knots. You can see a few on these legs.

Alder Island Legs

Alder has become more and more popular in the last few years. I suspect it has to do with the price increases and limited availability of other more common domestic wood species. Some have called alder a cherry substitute. I suppose that is possible – they both are pinkish in color. There is little resemblance after that, however. Alder is softer and even the select grades are prone to have small knots. Many customers like the rustic look of Alder and specify the cheaper knotty grade (larger and more plentiful knots). Alder turns quite well and has a really nice fragrance. I’ve included an image of a few alder island legs that I made for a customer some time back.

alder island legs