Kim Vedros is a woodworker from the deep south – Louisiana. He has two web sites: Architectural Turnings and Architectural Wood Designs. Most of the wood turnings displayed on Architectural Turnings are produced in our Baton Rouge, LA location.

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  • Dawn Fanth says:

    I saw some of the work that was published on this website, it brought back many memories of when I would sit in my grandfathers shop (the garage) and watch him make beautiful wood pieces. He was a police man by trade, but he eventually started his own home improvement company, which over the years it grew rather large. My Uncle took it over and then later sold it. They kept my grandfathers name because he had an excellent reputation and he was a great man. He now has past, many years ago and I now realize why and where I get my love for architecture and woodwork. I am a nurse by trade, but now I am getting into real estate and have a strong desire to ad custom features to homes which will improve their value and appearance. I also am experimenting with some furniture. Do you have a website? Do you offer custom woodwork? Can you make barley twist tables?
    Thank you,

  • David Loeb says:

    Kim, I just noticed that you are in Louisiana. I am in Marrero, La and am looking for an ivory button for our home’s newell post now that the mortgage is paid. It will be a surprise for my wife and would appreciate your help. I also saw on your web site that you made such a button from Corian. I think that’s a great idea. You can also call me at 504-565-3713.

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