In my last post I discussed column mantel surrounds and a few specific related ideas. In this post I would like to discuss the pilaster style mantel surround and some of the possibilities related to pilasters. Defined, a pilaster is: a slightly-projecting column built into or applied to the face of a wall most commonly flattened or rectangular in form. Pilasters are commonly designed to simulate the column on a building. As such many are designed with the same sort of fluting you would see on a Greek or Roman column. Some of the ornamental elements used in pilaster style mantel surrounds include corbels, scroll centers, drops, rosettes. Plinth blocks and capitals are useful for completing the pilaster columns. They help to simulate the Greco Roman classic look.


The mantle above displays the simple pilaster type mantle surround, The pilasters are capped with bandsawn brackets though carved corbels could be used here.


What is neat about the pilaster mantel surround above is that the bracket (or corbel) overlays the pilaster quite a bit unlike the first image where the bracket overlays just the top of the pilaster. The corbel below would make quite an impression mounted on this style mantel surround.

36" high X 9" deep X 10 3/4" wide

36 inch high X 9 inch deep X 10 3/4 inches wide


And lastly the pilasters on the mantel surround below are offset by 45 degrees. Note also that the top of the opening around the firebox is an “eyebrow” arch – a nice touch I think.


OK this is really my last design: I thought I would add this wrap around style pilaster mantel surround. It is similar to the column type wrap around in the first article except the pilasters make up the corners instead of the columns. Lots of possibilities here as well for ornamentation including fluting, carved appliques (or wood onlays), recessed panels, etc

wrap around pilaster mantel surround

wrap around pilaster mantel surround

Hopefully if you are indeed in the beginning stages of designing and building a mantel surround then these brief articles have been a help. If so let me know your thoughts.

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