A fireplace mantel can turn a dreary, unappealing fireplace into the conversation piece of your room. There are so many options available you will be able to pick out a fireplace mantel style that will stand out as the focal point of your room. A fireplace looks more finished and appealing with a mantel. It makes the fireplace look like it fits into the room’s décor and gives a warm and inviting look to a room.

A finished fireplace mantel will make any room more inviting and appealing. It is a very practical, easy and affordable way to change the look of your living area. You can a variety of styles on reputable online websites that will let you find the ideal mantel to fit your décor. You can find modern, traditional and ornamental styles to choose from.

You can customize your fireplace mantel since they usually come unfinished. This allows you to choose any color of paint or stain to match the flooring, furniture or woodwork in your home. This also allows you to be creative and you have the choice of making your fireplace blend in with the surrounding décor or to stand out and be a focal point.

Birch, Oak or MDF, which means medium density fiberboard, are the most common materials used today for fireplace mantels. If you are on a limited budget, MDF is an affordable alternate instead of the more costly wood products. Fireplace mantels made from MDF will resist dents and scratches. However, they must be painted and cannot be stained like the Birch and Oak can be. You will have to take that into consideration when deciding which will best fit your needs.

Wood fireplace mantels make a room feel friendly and inviting. It can bring out the beauty of the wood work and flooring in your living space. Depending on the look you want, you can find a fireplace mantel that has detailed ornate carvings or one that has traditional details. If you want a more modern or contemporary mantel there are many styles available.

In decorating, the fireplace is often overlooked. You can add a whole new dimension to a room by adding a fireplace mantle. By simply changing the color or style of your fireplace mantel you can completely transform the look and feel of a room. You can complement any room style with an oak or birch mantel fireplace because these beautiful woods will blend with any décor. You can choose to have your fireplace mantel stand out and become the center piece of a room. Or, you can stain it to blend naturally with other woods in the room.

You can give your fireplace a facelift by simply and inexpensively installing a fireplace mantel. A mantel can improve the look of your fireplace and make the entire room more inviting and welcoming to your guests. This home improvement project is relatively simple and can have a dramatic effect on the entire room.

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