What homeowner wouldn’t love a spa bathroom right in their very own home? While a spa bathroom can be a great addition to a home, it can also cost a lot of money. Completely renovating your bathroom to resemble the local spa is going to cost you. Fortunately, there are some affordable tricks you can do to create a spa-like bathroom on a budget.

Install the Right Lighting
Lighting plays a major role when it comes to the bathroom’s décor. You need adequate lighting to perform such tasks as putting on makeup or brushing and flossing your teeth. But you want to take care to not make the lighting too bright, especially if you’re trying to create a spa. A dimmer switch is the best way to fix this. This way, you can have full light for everyday tasks but also dimmed lighting to set the mood when you are relaxing in the tub.

Keep Things Clean and Organized

It’s going to be very difficult to relax in your spa bathroom if the place is a mess and nothing is organized. First, be sure that you have a spot for everything in the bathroom. Baskets and bins added to the shelves and cabinets will help keep things organized. If you’re looking to dress up the place a bit, then add wicker baskets and painted shelves.

Add the Right Accessories

Accessories don’t have to cost a lot, and they can make all the difference in a décor.

· An easy way to create a spa ambiance is by adding candles around the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom.

· Other things such as flower arrangements and air fresheners are also great additions.

· By installing a radio or CD/MP3 player either in the bathtub or on a shelf nearby, you can add some soothing and relaxing music to the room.

· Keep your feet off the cold tile by adding a luxurious bath mat for when you get out of the tub.

· You can set a relaxing mood in your spa bathroom with a water feature, such as a small fountain.

· Create your very own oasis in the bathroom by surrounding that small fountain with a few small plants.

Choose Peaceful Colors for the Room
When creating a spa bathroom, your best options for colors, especially the main wall colors, are neutrals or soft pastels. Don’t pick anything too loud or vibrant, such as red or bright yellow, for the walls and décor. Remember, you’re trying to create a peaceful feeling that will best come from lighter colors and neutrals.

Your décor doesn’t have to be boring, however. Add splashes of color with your towels, candles, flowers, and other décor items. Paint is very inexpensive. By simply painting over a dark or vibrant color with a neutral or pastel, you can easily change the entire look and feel of the room.

You don’t have to spend as much money as you think in order to create a spa bathroom in your home. When you apply a little creativity and work with what you already have in the room, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways that you can create a spa feeling in your bathroom without breaking your budget.

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