Can you just not decide on a color scheme for your room? Have you always loved the contrast of a black-and-white style? You might want to consider a black-and-white room for your home. A black-and-white theme can fit a variety of styles, from contemporary to French country. The colors black and white are considered limiting by many when it comes to décor, but there are actually a variety of ideas you can implement with a black-and-white-themed room.

Keep the Walls Light
Black walls are usually not the best choice for a black-and-white style. You want to keep the walls light, perhaps with a white or soft ivory color. With light walls, you then provide the perfect backdrop for black shelves or hanging pieces of art on the walls. If you want your walls to have a little more contrast, then perhaps trying painting your crown molding and trim black instead.

Add Patterns to the Black-and-White Room
You want to be sure your black-and-white décor doesn’t end up looking boring. A good way to avoid this is to add patterns to the room. Any type of pattern will work. You might choose stripes, checks, paisleys or toiles. If you are really daring, you might want to consider including animal prints, such as a zebra, into the décor.

· A couch or chair with a b lack-and-white pattern goes great in a living room or family room.

· A black-and-white-patterned comforter is a great way to add interest to the bedroom.

· In a kitchen or dining room with a black-and-white theme, consider patterned window treatments or fabric on the chairs.

· Other accessories such as black-and-white-patterned blankets, towels, pillows, and wallpaper borders will also make an interesting addition to the room.

· You can also add interest to a room with black-and-white-patterned towels, pillows, blankets, and wallpaper borders.

Change It Up with the Seasons
If you love to vary your décor according to the different seasons, a black-and-white theme can provide a great background for all types of seasonal decorating. There are so many different seasonal accessories you can add. You might add smaller pieces such as knickknacks, candles, and vases. Or you might choose to go with larger items: artwork hung on the walls, an area rug added to the floor, or a blanket thrown on the back of a couch.

· At Christmastime, red decorations always go great with a black-and-white scheme.

· In the fall, you can add orange elements to the room to give things an autumnal feel.

· Turquoise or yellow accents might be just the thing to lighten things up in spring and summer.


It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to decorate a room in a black-and-white style. Once you decide on the specific style you are going for, you simply need to shop around for pieces that fit into the black-and-white color scheme. You don’t have to stick strictly to a black-and-white theme. With a hint of color strategically placed here and there, you can quickly add some personality to the room. By adding your own style and flair to your black-and-white décor, you can create a room that feels like your own.

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