Some rooms naturally have a focal point, whereas other rooms might require you to add something to create that focal point. It’s important that before you add anything you make sure you look at the room closely to see what it has to offer. For instance, you might already have something like a fireplace that is a natural focal point that just needs to be played up when decorating.

When examining a room for focal points, look at the large pieces you have in there such as a wood bookcase, an entertainment center, wooden dressers, or even a couch. You may only have to rearrange some furniture to create a focal point if you already have something in the room you can use. Or you might have to start from scratch in choosing the proper focal point for a room.

The Fireplace as a Focal Point
One of the best natural focal points in any room is a fireplace. If there’s already one in a room, then there are plenty of ways you can draw attention to that fireplace.

By arranging the furniture around the fireplace, you can create an instant focal point, but there are also other avenues you can take. You might create an accent wall by painting the wall the fireplace is on a different color than the rest of the room. By changing the style of the fireplace or even adding a new mantle to it, you can draw more attention to that area of the room. Then top the mantle with eye-catching décor items, or hang a large piece of art over it.

The Couch as a Focal Point
Do you have a favorite couch that would make a great focal point? You can create this with some rearranging of the room. Do make sure the couch is in great condition, though. If not, then you might consider adding a slipcover.

You can add colorful or patterned pillows or throws to the couch to draw attention there. The rest of the furniture should be arranged so it’s facing the couch. The best place for a large couch is in the middle of the longest wall in the room. Side tables can be added to the couch as well.

The Armoire or Entertainment Center as a Focal Point
If you have a media room or family room and want an armoire or entertainment center to be its focus, be sure to concentrate on that piece’s quality. You probably don’t want a cheap-looking entertainment center to be the main focus of the room, after all. So be sure to invest in a quality piece of furniture that’s also attractive.

It’s also advisable to find a piece with doors so that you can hide the electronics. You can also add flower arrangements, candles, and frames to the furnishing for some additional style.

You can come up with many other ways to create a focal point in a room. Different rooms are going to contain different pieces that you might want to show off. In a bedroom, for instance, most people want their bed to be the focal point. With a little creativity, you’ll be able to show off and highlight your focal point in any room.

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