As more and more homepwners are caring about eco-friendly products, their desired bathrooms are going green in general. A range of products that designed for water conservation, are increasingly popular among the broad masses. This green trend initiates the emergence of products such as low-flow taps, water-saving shower heads as well as dual-flush toilets.


There is an increase in the use of products with flow restrictions, as water conservation has become the most urgent green principle. Dual-flush toilets are popular, as they are water-conscious.” stresses Eden, a hardware shop owner. “Due to the people’s conscience and awareness, the new trend is eco-friendly products is becoming mainstream in the future.”


Although the natural products make sense, new technology is still a focus. Who will ignore the bathroom that full of convenience? Customers want to keep abreast with technology as technology is all about convenience.


Mounted TVs, built-in radio, stereo speaker system in the bathroom all give a retreat feeling to the people. For more practical purpose, radiant in-floor heating system and heated towel bars are of particular interest to clients. Bathroom is considered to be the most comfortable room in the house.


The bathroom cabinets even have separate pull-out drawers for whites, colors and dry cleaning. Maybe a heated towel drawer used for warming towels is concealed in the storage cabinet.


As an essential part of bathroom, lightings are required to create different moods and specific tasks. Lights on the vanities, decorative sconces and recessed dimmers are all used to meet different needs, whether you want the relaxing dark light or high bright light. The truth is that, LED lighting is going to change all lighting environments assuming the costs of the luxury items are coming down.


To create a green bathroom or technological bathroom? Maybe most of people want to have a bathroom that is both green and technological.

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