David Artsmith  –  Subtle and reserved, they are often overlooked, however they can be quite useful when skillfully used. They are just there to protect more important, more beautiful possessions from the ravages of use. Sure you don’t want a set that looks ratty, but they are little more than buffers, to be used, and abused, and then replaced in due time.

However this is a short sighted view of the coaster. In truth, such a subtle piece can actually be used to completely change the nature of the space. While they may seem small and hard to notice, that is only when they are all gathered together in a single stack, or bundled up in a single holder.

It is only when you start to spread your coasters out across a room that you begin to see the potential in these otherwise unnoticed pieces. Suddenly you have a whole new color, a new pattern, a new web of visual effects spreading throughout the environment.

Using coasters, you are able to choose to introduce new hues and effects into the space. You can purchase coasters in a contrasting color, or in a gently matching tone, or with a pattern which expands upon the overall sense of the room.

These coasters don’t have to just be a temporary thing either. You can leave beverage coasters out in an attractive display on a coffee table. It is almost like setting places at a dining table.

Otherwise you can leave them stored in their holder, waiting for company. Then when the time comes to hand out drinks, change the entire look of the room in a subtle way by placing out your colorful preventative accessories.

What you have to understand about beverage coasters is that they are for more than just functioning. They do prevent damage to other pieces, but they are also part of the rooms overall decorative beauty. By understanding this, you can form strategies and plan innovative uses for these relatively small accessories.

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