High fashion and closet organizing are one in the same. It’s the only way to keep account of what you already own. As the saying goes “If you don’t know that you have a piece of clothing then chances are that you will never wear it?”.

If you’re like many people you have been surprised to find something that you can’t remember buying. If you don’t know what you own because you can’t see it do you think that you’ll ever wear it? Here are a few tips to organize your closet in a way to insure that you always know what choices you can utilize.

To a large extent, the choice in how you dress is limited to what you see in your closet. That is way it is important to have access to everything that you own. Still the clothes that you wear reflects the season and it is only natural to move Spring and Summer clothes out of the way for the more appropriate clothing of the colder months. closet systems make it easy to utilize any space

Even if your closet is small, you’ll still want a place to keep all of your different styles of shoes together where you can access them all at once. If you don’t have a larger closet or a closet organization systems then having a hanging shoe racks on the closet door(or multiple hanging racks) is a great and inexpensive way to see every single shoe style that you have.

Try not to mixed the different styles of shoes together. You can keep all of your heels one one shoe rack and your flats and sandals all together on a separate shoe rack if needed. Boots are another matter and won’t fit a shoe rack, so the best thing top do is to keep them in one place together in a bin or basket.

Like boots everyday bags can be bulky as well and they don’t necessarily need to be stored inside the closet(especially if your closet space is limited) but can be hung on a small wall rack where you can see all of them. If you are tight on space, hanging a rack outside the closet for your everyday bags make sense but  clutches on the other hand are small enough to put on a shelf or compartment inside the closet. Just make sure that they can be seen so you know what you have.

Accessories are easy to store and easy to loose as well. The great thing is that they don’t go out of style very often. Door organizer bags are perfect for storing ear rings as well as necklaces because they have see-through pockets so you know exactly what you can choose from and make a jewelry box a thing of the past. Again with bulky items  like bracelets you can store in decorative boxes

Last but not least is the way that your clothes are put into the closet to access quickly. Keeping the closet in different sections will allow you to account for everything that you own. Have sections for blouses, pants, skirts, jackets, long dresses and coats, etc.

Each section should start with darker colors and work towards the lighter tones and solids to patterns. this not only adds complete closet organization, but a very pleasing look to your closet.

As the seasons change so should the clothes that are displayed prominently in your closet. As it gets colder move the Spring/Summer pieces to the back of the closet and the Fall/Winter items to the front. If your clothes are important to you then having a highly organized closet will keep them fresh and up to date  .

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