When it comes to decorating a home it is important to view your floors as the foundation to the entire design of any room. That is why the perfect design tool is decorative area rugs because they allow you to introduce a wide variety of colors and design elements into one room like the conductor of an orchestra. A beautiful contemporary area rugs  will force the room to “sing” just one song instead of many at one time. But the key is in the accent colors of the rug that brings the unity of the different pieces of furniture and colors of the room together

Stay away from matching the main colors of the room when you choose a rug. This is limiting and will stand out if the rug and main colors of the room are not exactly matched. Accent colors are more forgiving to changes that may occur in a rugs color due to fading over time whereas the main colors will make the entire room stand out

Remember that the rug is our room’s foundation of design, That means that you should try to match the paint and furniture colors to the rug and not the other way around. By colors we mean the highlight or accent colors. Choose a rug that has a lot of accent colors. This give you a chance to use a lot of different elements that would be off limits to you if you had few accent colors

A design feature in decorative area rugs is the many contrasting accent colors. This allows you to introduce lively and vivid design element to the living area that normally would not go together if not for the rug itself while adding “warmth” as well as soften the sound to a room with hardwood floors

Oriental area rugs by themselves adds a high sense of style to a room and can allow you to combine a wider variety of furniture in different colors

Picking out the colors and furniture of the room’s design may be premature when you start, take a look at decorative area rug designs and the many different types of colors in it as rugs can be the focal point of the rooms design.

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