Many homeowners like to adjust the décor of their home according to the changing seasons. With seasonal decorating, you won’t have to worry about making any major changes like painting the walls or getting new wood furniture. Rather, you can concentrate on smaller decorating changes that will help your home look like springtime or winter. Follow some of these simple tips for changing your décor to reflect the different seasons throughout the year.

Switch Up the Slipcovers
By switching your slipcovers you can create a décor to go with every season. Dark, rich fabrics such as black velvet or dark green chenille work great for the winter. You want to go with a lighter fabric and color/pattern for the spring and summer. Then you can bring in the colors of the outdoors for fall with a brown or brown-and-orange patterned slipcover.

Change Furniture Accessories
Different seasonal accessories for your furniture can also be added or removed throughout the different seasons. Heavy throws and blankets slung over the back of couches and chairs are a great addition to any décor in the winter and then can be removed in the warmer months. You might also rotate your decorative pillows according to the seasonal fabrics you’ve chosen for your slipcovers. You might display darker and heavier pillows in the colder months and lighter ones in the warmer seasons.

Change the Window Treatments
Window treatments are a great way to either block out or allow more sunlight into your home, depending on the different seasons. By lightening up the window treatments in the winter, you can allow more sunlight to come in and warm the house, and then put up shades or blinds during the summer to block out some of that stronger sunlight that can make the house too warm.

Rotate Area Rugs
If you have area rugs as part of your home décor, they can also be changed according to the different seasons. You might even consider removing them all together during the warmer months. That’s a great time of year to simply have a hardwood or tile floor. Then you can bring them out again in the fall and winter. It’s always nice during the colder months to have a warm area rug on the ground to warm up the room.

Change Up the Small Accessories
Small accessories that go with the different seasons, like the kind that can be placed on wood coffee tables, are a quick and easy way to create a seasonal décor. In summer, consider putting out vases of fresh flowers and containers filled with seashells. For the fall, you might change things up with some fake gourds or fall flower arrangements in wicker baskets. While winter is always a time for holiday decorations, you can also choose to decorate for winter in general with things like candles and snowmen. You can bring the freshness of spring inside with flower arrangements and spring knickknacks for the shelves. You might even consider rotating the artwork on the walls according to the different seasons.

There are so many ways to adjust your interior space according to the different seasons. With a little research and creativity, you can create a series of attractive and functional décors for the entire year. With some simple changes here and there, you can transform the look of the room more than you might think.

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