Celebrities are undeniable fashion and style icons, and this spills over into interior design as well. In fact in a recent survey done by the BBC, over half of people who were doing up their home, looked at what the rich and famous were doing in theirs first. But of course it is rarely the celebrities themselves that come up with the designs or concepts, instead leaving the task up to professionals.

An interior designer to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars has told one newspaper that people wanting to create an impressive room can structure their design around a centerpiece, such as a piece of white  bedroom furniture. Usually this is quite a large piece such as big white wardrobes, and it can afford to be as it is a neutral colour. The same cannot be said for other colours in the spectrum, which, when used on a grand scale tend to dominate a room and leave very little room for maneuver in terms of colour.

Kelly Wearstler told the Daily Mail that a big, bold centrepiece can provide inspiration and ideas for the rest of a room’s design, such as the bedside table or curtain design, and said that she loves the use of white and black to create contrast.  She is not the only one to adopt the contrasting of black and white in design as many professionals in New York have been using this in client’s homes for years.

She reportedly stated “the universal qualities of black and white make them my two favorite colours to use. It’s the textures and materials that make it interesting.” She added that lots of rooms that suffer from a lack of space or light can really be enhanced by using a simple, clean colour scheme.

Wearstler lastly commented that any room which looks untidy or messy, even when their is no clutter, really needs the colour scheme simplifying and more whites and blacks being injected into it. “It’s not a simple thing to get right, but if you’re strict with the colors you use, you can pull off a very sleek look”.

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