If you’re looking out for a comfortable way to lay in bed and read a book, try one of those reading wedge pillows.  They’re really comfortable.  You can put them in all kinds of positions on the bed for varied levels of types of comfort.

If you lay the reading wedge pillows in what is considered the intermediate position, you may find that you can sleep more nicely because your head and shoulders are elevated. This is much more cushty than laying on your side, as an example, and propping your head on your arm.  You will not have the problems of limbs going to sleep with this position either.

Putting the reading wedge pillows in the high position, you can lean against it while sitting in bed and read or work on a project.  You’ll find this much more cosy than just propping pillows behind you because the wedge is strong.

Putting the reading wedge pillows in the under-the-legs position, you’ll find that your legs are quite cosy while you rest.  This position elevates your legs above your heart, and this is a good way to relieve stress in your feet and swelling after a tough day’s work.

Eventually, putting this wedge in the under-the-knees position will assist in alleviating soreness in the knees by lifting them up and supporting them.  This position takes pressure off your back.  This is a great position for those of you who lay down and get lumbar region spasms.

You will find that reading wedge pillows are quite versatile and you can use them anywhere you want.  You can even use the wedge if you’re sitting on the floor by propping it up against the wall or another piece of furniture.  Really, this is one of the finest pillows for propping yourself up almost anywhere.

Good posture is vital.  You may find that if you use the right pillow in the right position, you can solve a large amount of different Problems.  From sore feet, ankles and knees to a stiff back, you can be snug regardless of what you are doing.

Using the wedge will help you make the best of your furniture, and you will notice that you no longer need that recliner you once thought you needed.  It is extremely important to lay in bed and realign your spine each night so you don’t wake up stiff, and this pillow could be the answer.

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