Think about it, you have a clock in almost every room in your home.  Sure, we all wear watches, but somehow, a wall clock is essential, both for style as well as function.  However what about those outside terrace areas, or indoor pool and jacuzzi areas that may may be exposed to moisture?  Is there a clock that may face up to those elements?  The excellent news is that yes, there are several attractive moisture resistant wall clocks for just such spaces.

The Slate Mosaic indoor / outside wall clock by Infinity Instruments, is a pretty example of a sturdy, moisture resistant wall clock.  It has got a metal and stone case with a glass front and PVC dial.  The clock face is made public in earth toned slate tiles, giving a mosaic effect to the clock.  This clock has a quartz movement for low upkeep, and also displays a thermometer and hygrometer.  For approximately $150, this clock would be the perfect accent to any patio.

The two sided pretend aged copper finished out of doors wall clock by Infinity Instruments, lends an old-world feeling to its environment.  The pretend aged copper finish will make your friends think you have scoured antique shops to find this beautiful clock.  It features a metal surrounding, and wrought iron brackets.  Rubber sealing gaskets surround the glass and timing elements to guard them from the elements.  Priced around about $225.00, this clock is certain to be the point of interest of your out of doors seating area.

The Sunburst moisture resistant wall clock, made by Ridgeway, is an idiosyncratic timepiece that will compliment most outside furniture colors.  It is finished in a ravine nightfall powder coat, and is specifically treated to withstand weathering in outside climates.  The clock face has separate thermometer and humidity gauges.  The low upkeep quartz movement also has a self adjust feature that instantly corrects for daylight saving’s time.

Do not let the elements discourage you from making an nvestment in an attractive outdoor clock.  The technology behind these moisture resistant wall clocks will make sure that you enjoy them for years to come.  As many are wonderful enough to compliment an indoor environment as well, be happy to enjoy your clock indoors or outdoors.

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