Before, slip covers were ready-made and they usually had it in just one size. Some could fit and some could not. This was the reason of the downfall of the industry. However, man never stops to amaze everyone. They have invented something to replace those not-so-good seat covers with something better. Nowadays, the fabrics used for these seat covers are very stretchable and they can work well with different shapes and sizes of chairs and furniture. So you do not have to worry about bumps, lumps, creases and wrinkles. Chair slip covers are also available in different patterns, fabrics and designs that can adapt to the theme of your house. Some manufacturers even have invented furniture seat covers that have special abilities such as a Scotch guard protector.

The Scotch guard protector is an amazing innovation in terms of chairs and furniture seat covers. Imagine when you spill something on the seat cover; it doesn’t absorb it rather it would roll off the floor. This will make your seat cover clean longer. Like other fabrics and seat covers, this type also avoids bulging.

However, the usual problem of those who use these seat covers is the fact that they do not have seat covers for other parts of their sofas or chairs like the armrests. But this problem is not given solution by sectional slipcovers.

This specific type of seat cover ups is indeed amazing. They have sectional seat cover ups such as attachable armrests that can even fit those like the reclining seats. It is also versatile because it can be use with both or two or three different chair designs. When you buy seat cover ups now, they also include seat covers for both the left and the right arms readily. They even have it marked so that it would be user-friendly.

When it comes to materials used for sectional slipcovers, companies commonly use denims and twills because of its durability. But, when it comes to the major portion of the sofa, companies use 100% cotton so that it will be easily washable for anyone. Pillows can be cleaned by easily using a damp cloth.

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