David Artsmith  –  Coasters are used to protect furnishings. Usually you will find these decorative and functional accessories used in a den, or family room environment. However, there are many places around the home where these useful preventative accessories could come in handy.

First off is the aforementioned living room. In an environment such as this, you really do need a set of beverage coasters. They will save the life of your coffee table, as well as any other flat surfaces that are scattered throughout the space. They are also a way to add beauty, sophistication, and even color to a space, without overwhelming it.

The bedroom is another location where drink coasters can come in handy. Many people like to take a beverage with them into bed at night. Whether it’s a cold glass of water, or a cup of warm milk to help you sleep, a coaster can protect your furnishings in this space.

The kitchen is another place where you might want to consider placing beverage coasters. While most of the surfaces in this space should be impervious to damage from water rings, there may be vulnerable spots throughout the space. Do you have a kitchen table? This may be one place that water damage can creep up. They can also be useful in protecting hardwood counters or other surfaces that may suffer from water ring damage.

Another good location for beverage coasters is the dining room. You can greatly prolong the life of a dining table top if you protect it with these useful accessories. They can also be another added element of beauty and style in your dining table arrangements.

Most people do not think of the outdoors as a place to use coasters. However some furniture, especially wooden pieces, will warp if a wet glass is left on them long enough. While rain may fall on that table all year round it falls randomly over the entire surface. A glass sits in a single place, creating a single noticeable circle.

As you can see drink coasters are for more than just coffee tables. They are useful accessories almost no matter where they are located. If you care about the beauty of your possessions, you may want to consider scattering these useful accessories to a few more locations.

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