Designing a room in your home should not be a project that is quickly completed in a day. Much planning is needed in order to create a great room that you will love. Here are five things that you need to consider when designing your own room for your home.

Colors Used in the Room
An important factor that comes into play when designing a room will be your choice of colors. Be sure the colors you choose reflect the style or theme of the room. For instance, with a country décor, you don’t want to use vibrant colors like bright yellow or orange but instead more appropriate colors such as blue, cream, red, and brown. If you’re still unsure about your colors, then locate a prominent piece in the room, such as an area rug or furnishing, and then base your color scheme off that.

Space in the Room
You want to take measurements before you purchase any large addition to the room, like a arts & crafts dining table or wood desk, as you want to have enough comfortable space in your décor. When you plan accordingly, taking into consideration the space you have, you will be able to make your interior space more efficient and practical. Your room should neither look completely empty (unless that’s the style you want), nor be crammed with items and accessories. When the space flows well, your room will be an inviting place.

Use of Lines in the Room
An important thing to consider when designing a room is your use of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. By taking into consideration all the lines in a room, you help your décor to flow and will ultimately come out with the best-looking space. Vertical lines will always help add height to a room, whereas horizontal lines will work to make a room look wider.

Textures Used in the Room
Important to any room’s décor is the addition of texture. You need to consider all the different textures in the room: from the furniture to the accessories on the table. What’s great about texture is that it can make a room look more appealing to the eye as well as to the touch. Texture requires a certain balance. You don’t want too many conflicting textures, nor do you want your textures to be too much of the same. A healthy balance will result in a great room design.

Lighting in the Room
Lighting is an important element in any room. Light can either come from natural sources such as windows and doors, or from artificial sources like light fixtures and lamps. Not only does the lighting in a room determine how colors will appear, but it also sets the mood. When designing a room, be sure to consider both sources of light when deciding on window treatments and light fixtures.

It’s not easy to design a room on your own. Not only does this process require careful planning, but all of these aspects need to be considered for you to come up with the best décor for your home.

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