If you know anything at all about home theater systems, you may know that along with the brilliant sound and the awe inspiring picture a top quality system can produce, the downside is the apparently miles of wire that comes with them.  Not only can the existence of so many cables be difficult to manage from an aesthetics perspective, it could also make troubleshooting your systems cable connections nothing short of an absolute nightmare .  That is why so many people plagued with this disproportionate cable problem have shown a great interest in wireless home theater systems.

Now, before going any further, it is worth noting that today’s wireless home theater systems are not basically wireless.  It’d be true that they consist of fewer wires rather then actually being wireless.  Still, any reduction in the great and regularly tangled web of audio and video cables that accompany a characteristic home theater system is welcomed.  In flexibility, the wireless tag usually will pertain to the system’s speakers.  The concept of sending additional audio signals across a room through a wireless link is beginning to appear, but for the moment, wireless speakers is all that are widely available.

While wireless home theater systems are still comparatively new, there are still masses of systems out there to choose between.  Sony offers the DAV-FX999Wv as well as the DAV-LF1.  Both play DVD’s, standard CD’s, various music files as well as the superior audio quality of SACD’s.  Present day electronic turn out LG has the DA-W5100 and the LH-W753TA respectively. These models also play various audio and video formats also.  Other respected electronic corporations like Pioneer and JVC also have wireless systems.  These systems are popular for many different reasons.  Firstly , they are straightforward to line up.  Secondly, when you set it up, you are ready to go.  No more waiting for the right spokesman systems, no more trying to find the obligatory wire, just take it out of the box, make a few connections and you are ready to go. Finally, many of those systems are rather easy on the eyes also.

While a real wireless system does not exist yet, the majority in the know would agree that total wireless home theater systems are in the works and should be on store shelves sooner rather than later.  Until then, the existing incarnation of wireless systems will need to do.  However, with the quality and convenience of these current systems, simply making do never sounded or looked better.

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