One of the things that people look forward to when purchasing a home is having unique decorations. You certain would like your new place to look like it is your own. But what if you are just renting the apartment and you wouldn’t want to spend too much penny on things like wallpaper which you will eventually leave.

Here are some tips to decorate your home without the need to be over the top:

1. Choosing a theme

Before buying stuffs to decorate your home, you must first think of the theme. You will be mxing overwhelming fabric you can find if you won’t stick with the theme you’ve selected. Minimalist, modern, vintage or oriental are themes that you can select from. It is up to you. But just put the theme in mind when buying the fabric and you can also ask the salesperson where to find (your theme) fabrics. You can also research in the Internet before going to shops. This will be able to assist you decide.

2. If you have chosen a vintage theme

Other people call this as the “Victorian theme”. This type of theme concentrates more on old glamour which means that every thing is baroque and feminine.

Fabrics that resemble this theme are those that are made from heavy materials. There are ready made slipcovers for this era and you can select like lace, velvet or brocade fabrics for either your pillows or your whole sofa. You can accessorize it with ribbons, bows and beads.

3. If you choose a modern theme

Modern themes are usually bold and refreshing. The common concept of these rooms is that they have a huge space and then they work their way with it using focal points and pops of color. The ready made slipcovers that you will select for this type of theme should be catchy. For example, if your sofa slip cover is black, consider hot pink, red or other vibrant colors for your pillow covers. Make the fabric’s patterns your focal point and make sure that it will catch attention.

You can get fabrics at any home depot or local fabric shop near you. You can also go over the Internet for reference.

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