Even if you don’t admit it, there is a certain hesitation whenever you think about getting artificial Christmas wreaths. The first thing that usually comes to mind is an ugly, plastic circle that is hanging in the front doors of people’s homes. This picture was true years ago, today, even an artificial Christmas wreath can hold its own against the beauty of real ones. In fact, if you check them out, you might be surprised at how real they look. There is no denying that the qualities of artificial wreaths have changed through the years, same as with artificial trees.

Before we discuss any further, let’s take a look at how this whole practice of placing wreaths came into place. Back in the day, pagan worship believed that anybody who was given the wreath was seen as receiving divine favor from the gods. In most beliefs, the circle symbolized eternity because it has no sides and therefore, no end and beginning. The druids were fond believers of this notion as well. As time passed by, most of these beliefs mingled and interchanged, giving birth to a new set of ideas and beliefs about the Christmas wreath, like the ones we know today.

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Christianity took the wreath to mean and symbolize the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on his crucifixion day. Christians already have their own spin on the meaning of the circle. Although it still symbolized eternity, it is taken to mean the eternal love of Christ when he died for everybody’s sins.

Whether you are using a real wreath or artificial Christmas wreaths, understanding the history and meaning behind it will make it a more significant addition to your holiday celebration.

When looking for the right wreath, you have two choices; either you get traditional Christmas wreaths or artificial Christmas wreaths.

There are many advantages to having artificial wreaths as opposed to having authentic ones. Here are a few reasons below:

It retains its “freshness.” Real wreaths require plenty of attention since you need to make sure they don’t wilt or die on you. On the other hand, having artificial wreaths means not having to worry about anything since it will retain it shape and look each year. Reusing them as decoration is certainly possible.

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Variety is not a problem when it comes to artificial Christmas wreaths. They are available in different colors, designs, as well as sizes. All you need to do is look for the right one that fits your needs and requirements for the space you have. When looking for a specific color or size to fit your space, the variety could be endless.

Handling these artificial wreaths is also not a problem. When it comes to real wreaths, you might have to handle it delicately in order for it not to get deformed. For artificial wreaths, this is not a problem at all. They also do not fade easily. If you want to indulge your creativity, you can buy half done wreaths and design the rest by yourself. This will reflect your own personality as well as style.

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Artificial Christmas wreaths are truly a great piece of décor to have for the holiday season. Knowing its significance just makes it a whole lot more meaningful every time you look at it hanging in front of your door.

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