Are you looking for a thoughtful housewarming gift for your best friend’s new home? If you think creatively, you can come up with some innovative ideas for just the right gift. House-warming gifts usually consist of a bottle of wine or basket of fruit, but you can expand these choices with imaginative gifts that give your friend a home decorating gift that lasts a little longer than wine or fruit.

Instead of simply a bottle of wine, you could give your friend a beautiful wall-mounted wine rack filled with your favorite wines. The Vino Wall Wine Holder is a clever wall-mounted rack that holds eight bottles. This wine rack is constructed of stainless steel and has plastic bottle-neck holders. It stylishly displays four bottles on each side of the rack so that their labels are easily visible. The bottles rest at an angle that allows the corks to be immersed resulting in increased freshness.

Other beautiful wine storage possibilities include the Monterrey Wine Cabinet and the Bradley Spirits Server which are both free standing cabinets made of beautiful hardwoods that will make your friend’s jaw drop. Buy a wine cabinet for your friend and you can continue the gift by giving him or her a new bottle each month to share your favorite wines.

If you or your friend are not into wine, you could give her a stylish magazine rack to help her keep her entertainment room organized and uncluttered. A powder coated steel rack made into big block letters that read “NEWS” could be used as a magazine rack or as a place to store newspapers waiting to be recycled or to be used as firestarter.

The Holden Magazine Holder is an unusual magazine rack your friend would appreciate. This rack whose frame is stylishly wrapped with steel, also features a carrying handle which allows for easier transport if it is moved from room to room.

Wine racks and magazine racks are just two possibilities for helping your friend become comfortable in her new home with your thoughtful housewarming gift. You can search online for a vast selection of home improvement ideas, including wine storage cabinets, magazine racks, stylish wall art, beautiful new furniture and many other home accessories.

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