Your bedroom can become a relaxing getaway with a beach-themed bedroom. There are many different decorating ideas to choose from when it comes to creating that perfect beach theme for your bedroom. When decorating your bedroom in any kind of theme, you want to just be sure that the theme fits your personal taste and style so that the result will be a place you want to spend a lot of time in.

The Basics of a Beach-Themed Bedroom
Before you buy anything for your bedroom, you first need to decide what type of beach style you want. A beach theme leaves you wide open when it comes to decorating. For one person, a beach theme will involve water, sand, and seashells. Whereas for another person it may involve more of a luau or Hawaiian theme, complete with surfboards, waves, and fish. Depending on your own personal style and vision, there are many different directions you can take when decorating with a beach theme.

Colors for a Beach-Themed Bedroom
The color blue has to be somewhere in the room, no matter what type of beach style you end up going for. It’s not necessary to paint your walls blue; just be sure to incorporate blues somewhere in your color scheme. The colors red, white, and blue, offset by neutrals like brown and tan, will work well for a nautical beach theme. On the other hand, if you’re creating a tropical look, then choose more vibrant colors like yellow, pink, bright blue, and purple. If you’re looking to create the ultimate beach resort getaway, then decorate with neutral tones like white, tan, light blue, and light pink or coral.

Furniture for a Beach-Themed Bedroom
With most beach themes, lighter furniture tends to work better like a light wood chest or a light mission night stand. It’s best to keep things light with this type of a theme. When one thinks of the ocean, what often comes to mind is the light-colored sand and blue skies. If possible, try to incorporate such woods as wicker, driftwood, and bamboo into the furniture. Such things as white or sheer fabric draped over the poles of the bed will really give your room that beach feel.

Accessories for a Beach-Themed Bedroom
The accessories you end up using in your beach-themed bedroom are going to differ according to the style you choose. Here are some common beach accessories you can add to your bedroom:

· seashells

· paintings or pictures of the ocean or beach

· boats

· water features, such as a fountain

· sand

· sea animals and fish

· surfboards

· lighthouses

· sea grass

· rocks and pebbles

· tropical flowers

You might incorporate a beach theme into other rooms in your home, such as the living room or your child’s bedroom. These suggestions can easily be incorporated into a functional living space or child-friendly bedroom.

Your bedroom should be a place of refuge, a getaway in the home. Thus, a beach theme is an ideal décor for the bedroom, as it sets an easy and peaceful mood, which every bedroom should have.

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