At first glance it just doesn’t seem that the words “closet organizer systems” should be uttered together. Closets aren’t suppose to be complicated so why does it need a “system”? Just thinking about a system and some of us automatically turn off our brains and say “no thanks”. But your clothes are an investment and you want them to last as long as possible and it is simply a lot hard on them when they aren’t properly stored so to protect your hard earned invesment, you may find that getting organized with a closet system is a lot easier than you think

What you have now is considered a closet system. If you have a space with walls that you put your clothes in then that consist a system even though it may only have a long hanger bar running the entire width of the closet. Unfortunetly this is the very design that leads to disorganization becaues to in poor way the closet space is being utilized. Not only will a good closet organizer get you closet in immaculate condition, it will a plce to you;ll be proud to show off.

There are  many different types ofbuilt in closet design that you have to choose from like low cost wire systems that can be put together quickly and easily, and  the more sophisticated Do-It-Yourself systems as well as a variety of closet companies that can create a custom design for you.

The type of closet systems on the market today is limitless, To keep from feleling overwhelmed narrow down your selection. Keep your attention on good closet systems. For instance if you decide to hire a closet company, make sure to learn everything that you can about them like: how long that they’ve been around, what type of warranty
will they provide, their reputation, do they have a contractor’s license and is the work going to be done by their employees or do they sub-contract(employees are always best).

Good closet companies do not hesitate in giving you a list of people that have done business with them in the past. If you are going to do the work yourself there are plenty of closet system kits that will save you a lot of money as oppose to hiring a company and paying for the labor, just make sure that you do you homework and get a closet system that is of good quality and a good way to tell that is with the trail of product reviews left behind by satiffied customers. Save yourself gas money and search out a closet kit or a closet design company online. this will save you a lot of time.

Even though every person’s needs are different, there are some basic tips that every good built in closet design 
should have. A typical closet system will have shelves that are at least 14″ deep and can come in multiple widths of 12″ to 24″ to 36″to allow you to place folded items like sweaters side by side. Shelf height should be no more that 10″. this will keep you from stacking too high. Ideally you want to have your shelves to contain no more than three items high. Also since you want to be able to close your closet doors, a good hanger system will allow a sizable depth of approx 24″ from the closet door

The lesson learn is that closet organizer systems are not as complicated as they may seem when you first considered them  and they actually make your life easier especially if you can get one that really organizes you items well so that you can get to them a lot more easily which is a major time saver.

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