Sofas stuffed to the breaking point in muted colors and slouching shapes are a thing of the past. Sofas are no longer just a place to put your feet up or to enjoy a movie. Modern sofas are now focal points, works of art in their right and an essential in every living room.

The couch you grew up with is no longer the standard in living room furniture. Give up all your deep set assumptions and embrace the new way of furniture with Alphaville Design. Sofas are now more fashion forward than ever with their kaleidoscope of colors and modern shapes.

Sofas are one of the biggest elements in a room and should be the starting point of any design inspiration. The style of a sofa makes a dramatic addition to a simple room and reflects the vibe of the entire room. Nowadays there’s so many styles, sizes, colors, shapes and modern furniture patterns of sofa that it can be extremely overwhelming. But in order to find a sofa that works for your style and space, a few rules must adhered to.

To start, the size of a sofa is critical making a great impression.One common mistake is to buy extremely large furniture for a small space. This makes your room look smaller than it already is and gives off a cramped and restricted sensation. Be sure to take careful measurements so the modern furniture that you choose will fit in the intended space.

Another important facet of choosing a sofa is color. When you buy a sofa you’re likely to have it for many years to come, so choose a color that will hold up well to the wear and tear of life. If you buy a white sofa today, consider how much care it will take to keep that sofa pristine year after year. A bold color choice is not to be feared, modern furniture thrives in unique and daring shades

A bright red sofa makes a bold statement and gives off a fun vide, so express your self. No need to restrict yourself to neutral tones. Be sure to choose neutral tones of area rugs and wall hangings if you opt for a bold sofa, so as to offset the look. Following this list of simple tips, you’re sure to locate a sofa that fits your personal style and lifestyle needs.

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