If you have a lot of photos that you want to share but not enough wall space, then you should consider using collage picture frames. Collage picture frames are a versatile and economical way to display a variety of photos all in one frame. With multiple photo openings, you can organize and display many different sized photos without having to buy a bunch of separate frames.
With collage picture frames, there are primarily two types of collage frames:

  1. Matted collage picture frames
  2. Standard collage picture frames

Each type comes in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors and has its own unique benefits. But in order to choose the right collage frame every time, you should understand the difference between matted collage frames and standard collage frames.

Matted Collage Picture Frames
Matted picture frames are much more versatile than standard collage picture frames. They come with mats that have multiple openings in varying shapes and sizes. These frames offer a more casual look and let you easily display a wide range of photos in different sizes and shapes all in one frame. Mats also give you the option to completely change your photo layout simply by changing to a different mat.

Usually the collage frames and mats come as a set, however, you can purchase them separately.  This gives you the freedom to select any large picture frame you like and a mat with the color and different openings you want. With a matted collage frame you have the option to create your own look and be able to display whatever pictures shapes and sizes you want.

One thing to remember with matted collage frames is that your pictures will need to be secured. There are several ways to do this however, linen tape or photo corners are your best choices for securing pictures you don’t want damaged. If you aren’t concerned about your photos being damaged then use you can use a matte or transparent adhesive tape like 3M’s scotch tape to secure them.

Standard Collage Picture Frames
Standard collage frames, on the other hand, have a more decorative look because they have the metal or wood frame acting as the picture divider. These frames have a framed opening for each photo making it a good choice for a more formal home or office display. Standard collage frames come with either several framed openings within one large frame or as a group of smaller frames attached to one another.

They come in a wide selection of sizes and can be used as wall picture frames or can be displayed on a table top surface. One thing to remember with the standard collage frame is that the photo openings are fixed so you cannot change the size or shape of the openings unlike the matted collage frame.

Collage frames are really the best way to display a lot of photos for the best price. And, if you’re looking for a unique gift a collage frame filled with pictures from a memorable event makes a treasured gift. So for a fun and inexpensive way to share your favorite memories, try using a collage frame and you’ll be happy you did.

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