In a home somewhere in America today sits a piece of Amish-made wood game room furniture, but its journey failed to begin there.  Nor did it begin in one of the online Amish furniture stores where the piece might have been bought.  It did not even begin in the straightforward Amish woodworking shop where the piece was made.  It commenced in a consumer’s heart, and with a single piece of wood.

That is because the buyer, when she chose to buy Amish furniture, had the choice to have it custom created.  She got to choose the wood it was made of, the hardware that was attached to it, and the way in which it was completed.  Once these were established, one of the Amish furniture stores conveyed the data to an Amish craftsman.  The craftsman meticulously hand-picked each individual piece of wood to match the furniture the customer were thinking of, paying special attention to the grain, and the journey was on its way.

The wood then went to an Amish woodworking shop, where an Amish craftsman took each piece and lovingly assembled the furniture by hand.  The woodworker, who was probably trained by his pop, took special pride in his work.  He finished the finish work with painstaking concern for detail.  Though he knew he would never see or meet the buyer, he wanted the piece to be a work of art as well as a bit of equipment that would be sturdy enough to last for generations.  When the furniture was ultimately complete, it left the hands of its tender creator and traveled to the owner of one of the many online Amish furniture stores.  From there, it entered the home of its final owner.  The owner never knew who made her pretty desk or chair or bed, but the love that he put into it was obvious.

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This may seem like the end, but the journey of this piece of wood home entertainment furniture is a long way from over.  As the Amish man who built it intended, it’ll last for generations.  Long after the owner is dead, it will remain in the home one of her children’s children.  There it will sit, a silent reminder not only of Amish furniture stores but of the quiet, straightforward life of the Amish craftsman.  And in today’s hurried world, that is priceless.





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