A child’s playroom should provide a place in the house where a child can have fun and enjoy having his or her own space. Although getting your child’s toys out of sight and into one room is an attractive prospect, that doesn’t mean the playroom should not have functional decorating. By following these great ideas, you can create a playroom that’s both perfect for your children and functional for you.

Have Plenty of Storage Options
To keep the playroom neat and organized, you need to have plenty of storage options. When everything in the room has its proper place, it makes it much easier for kids to clean up. You want to make sure you have plenty of organization and storage so that your child’s playroom doesn’t end up looking like a tornado blew through it on a daily basis.

You might find pieces of furniture such as wooden chests that also provide extra storage, or storage items such as plastic bins and shelving units.

Items with small pieces such as puzzles, art supplies, and other small toys, should be stored in individual baskets or bins.

Make the Playroom Durable
A child’s playroom is no place for your favorite piece of furniture, unless you want to get it broken. Even little girls tend to be rough on furniture and other decorating items. The easiest way to keep the room durable is to keep any décor items simple and kid-friendly.

Not only are plastic bins and baskets great for storage, but they can also serve as decorations for the room. Find a rug with darker colors and patterns to hide any stains that might come. Also be sure that rug is easy to clean.

Keep Play Areas Safe for Your Kids
Bolt any dressers, bookshelves, or mission desks to the wall to prevent them from falling on a climbing child. If at all possible, use only children’s size furniture. Furniture that’s too tall can be unsafe for younger children. Small toys and art supplies should be stored up high where small children can’t reach them. If you have a baby or toddler in the home, be sure to baby-proof the room by placing covers on all the outlets and getting rid of any hanging blind cords from the windows.

Let Your Child Have a Say in the Playroom
A child who has a say in how to decorate his or her playroom will enjoy that room so much more. It’s easy to ask your children’s opinion on such things as the color of the walls or what color carpet they want. Even a themed playroom isn’t that difficult with simple things like stencils and stick-ons added to the walls.

When your child likes the look of the playroom, he or she is going to be more likely to want to play in the room and keep it clean. It is far easier to allow your child a say in the room’s décor, at least to a degree.

The playroom should be your child’s favorite place in the house. It gives then their own space in which they can be creative and independent, and have fun. Follow these decorating tips and you’ll find that decorating a playroom can be much more simple and less expensive than you may have thought.

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