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A duvet cover’s basic function is to protect or prevent the actual duvet from getting dirty, because it is much easier to wash a duvet cover than the actual duvet itself. When it comes to style and design of the covers the options are as varied as much as being artistic allows.

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there are various patterns and colors that you can select from. Compared to the price of an actual duvet the cover is much cheaper and allows you to vary the style of your bedroom as you can invest in a number of different covers. You can purchase covers that will compliment the things that you have in your room.

You could for example have a cover that will match the carpet in your room, another to match the furniture and other to match the wall paint. The nice thing about covers is they allow you to be constantly changing the way your room looks without much effort. As opposed to buying different duvets you can invest in a number of covers that will bring change to your enviroment.

They come in different sizes so it is always important to choose the correct size for your duvet. Picking the right size will avoid the hassle of trying to squeeze a large duvet into a small cover. Besides cotton which is the most common fabric there are other types of material that you can pick from. The type of cotton will also be different depending on the yarn size and other factors.

I would advise that you choose a material that is both durable and yet comfortable at the same time. Throwing this thing into the washing machine over and over again will result in it becoming weaker over a period of time and eventually tearing. You should pick a material that combines strength, style and comfort.

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A child’s playroom should provide a place in the house where a child can have fun and enjoy having his or her own space. Although getting your child’s toys out of sight and into one room is an attractive prospect, that doesn’t mean the playroom should not have functional decorating. By following these great ideas, you can create a playroom that’s both perfect for your children and functional for you.

Have Plenty of Storage Options
To keep the playroom neat and organized, you need to have plenty of storage options. When everything in the room has its proper place, it makes it much easier for kids to clean up. You want to make sure you have plenty of organization and storage so that your child’s playroom doesn’t end up looking like a tornado blew through it on a daily basis.

You might find pieces of furniture such as wooden chests that also provide extra storage, or storage items such as plastic bins and shelving units.

Items with small pieces such as puzzles, art supplies, and other small toys, should be stored in individual baskets or bins.

Make the Playroom Durable
A child’s playroom is no place for your favorite piece of furniture, unless you want to get it broken. Even little girls tend to be rough on furniture and other decorating items. The easiest way to keep the room durable is to keep any décor items simple and kid-friendly.

Not only are plastic bins and baskets great for storage, but they can also serve as decorations for the room. Find a rug with darker colors and patterns to hide any stains that might come. Also be sure that rug is easy to clean.

Keep Play Areas Safe for Your Kids
Bolt any dressers, bookshelves, or mission desks to the wall to prevent them from falling on a climbing child. If at all possible, use only children’s size furniture. Furniture that’s too tall can be unsafe for younger children. Small toys and art supplies should be stored up high where small children can’t reach them. If you have a baby or toddler in the home, be sure to baby-proof the room by placing covers on all the outlets and getting rid of any hanging blind cords from the windows.

Let Your Child Have a Say in the Playroom
A child who has a say in how to decorate his or her playroom will enjoy that room so much more. It’s easy to ask your children’s opinion on such things as the color of the walls or what color carpet they want. Even a themed playroom isn’t that difficult with simple things like stencils and stick-ons added to the walls.

When your child likes the look of the playroom, he or she is going to be more likely to want to play in the room and keep it clean. It is far easier to allow your child a say in the room’s décor, at least to a degree.

The playroom should be your child’s favorite place in the house. It gives then their own space in which they can be creative and independent, and have fun. Follow these decorating tips and you’ll find that decorating a playroom can be much more simple and less expensive than you may have thought.

In a home somewhere in America today sits a piece of Amish-made wood game room furniture, but its journey failed to begin there.  Nor did it begin in one of the online Amish furniture stores where the piece might have been bought.  It did not even begin in the straightforward Amish woodworking shop where the piece was made.  It commenced in a consumer’s heart, and with a single piece of wood.

That is because the buyer, when she chose to buy Amish furniture, had the choice to have it custom created.  She got to choose the wood it was made of, the hardware that was attached to it, and the way in which it was completed.  Once these were established, one of the Amish furniture stores conveyed the data to an Amish craftsman.  The craftsman meticulously hand-picked each individual piece of wood to match the furniture the customer were thinking of, paying special attention to the grain, and the journey was on its way.

The wood then went to an Amish woodworking shop, where an Amish craftsman took each piece and lovingly assembled the furniture by hand.  The woodworker, who was probably trained by his pop, took special pride in his work.  He finished the finish work with painstaking concern for detail.  Though he knew he would never see or meet the buyer, he wanted the piece to be a work of art as well as a bit of equipment that would be sturdy enough to last for generations.  When the furniture was ultimately complete, it left the hands of its tender creator and traveled to the owner of one of the many online Amish furniture stores.  From there, it entered the home of its final owner.  The owner never knew who made her pretty desk or chair or bed, but the love that he put into it was obvious.

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This may seem like the end, but the journey of this piece of wood home entertainment furniture is a long way from over.  As the Amish man who built it intended, it’ll last for generations.  Long after the owner is dead, it will remain in the home one of her children’s children.  There it will sit, a silent reminder not only of Amish furniture stores but of the quiet, straightforward life of the Amish craftsman.  And in today’s hurried world, that is priceless.





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David Artsmith  –  The drink coaster is all about perfection. Its presence means that someone is trying to maintain the perfection of their possessions. They don’t want their tables and other surfaces to suffer from water rings, liquid damage, or scratches. That is the purpose of a coaster, to stand as a barrier between your more fragile possessions, and the damage that can come from a variety of sources.

The appearance of a set of coasters in the home indicates certain qualities about the person who lives there. They show that the person cares about details, that they take pride in what they own, and that they are willing to do what it takes to protect it. It also shows forethought, as coasters are preventative pieces, that won’t be necessary until some point in the future.

One important thing to consider is that beverage coasters are more than functional items; they are actually a part of the décor of the space. Therefore you have to be careful to choose pieces which flow with the style and color of the surrounding room. You want to be certain that they don’t clash with the other features of the room.

One important thing to note about coasters is that they are mobile. Sometimes they simply sit in a holder, waiting to be used. At that moment, they are no more than tiny pieces of an environment. When they are put into use however the coasters stretch out across a room, acting like a web that brings their color and style to every inch of the space.

This can actually be advantageous. If you want to bring a color into a room without having it be a dominating or constant effect, coasters may be the answer for you.

If you are careful when you choose your drink coasters, you can actually use them for more than just protecting the perfection of your home. They can actually add to the perfection, by being the perfect compliment to the space.

David Artsmith  –  We all like to surround ourselves with our favorite colors and objects. This way, we feel comfortable but when it comes to decor, some design and trends stand out. These are the furnishings that are in tune with modern times and will impress your visitors. We take a look at what is trendy today when it comes to home decorating.

Going green with home decor is the talk everywhere. Environmentally-friendly furniture is becoming common as the world encourages people to use eco friendly products. So you will see many of today’s decorative items incorporating some pieces that will help preserve the environment. Eco friendly furnishings can include wooden vases, recycled glass tumblers, and artificial plants.

You will often find glass lamps used in home decorating today, with the long curved necks being an especially popular design. They can give a space an upscale and sophisticated appearance. Usually found in studies and libraries, book cases have found their way to living rooms too. Modern decorators are putting these book holders by sofa sides and close to the walls. They come in contemporary and elegant designs and the tops are usually decorated with short vases, collectible cars and antiquated products.

Many homes are also blending various designs to achieve a unique kind of decor. Many rooms now have antiquated fireplaces, engraved doors, marble floors and Persian rugs in a rare combination. This way, the homeowner combines traditional, formal and classic decor into one special furnishing.

Comfort is also being emphasized in modern home decor. More and more people are buying extra soft cushions, silk sofa pillows and walnut leather furniture. Trendy home decor affords the homeowner the opportunity to decorate his room in accordance with modern styles and furnishings so that an old living room can have a contemporary look.