It is a general term which can be used to refer to a person or maybe an article which is stylish rather than fashionable and where the style reflects quality as opposed to newness. You hear a lot about this type of furniture etc nowadays and it is first and foremost a fairly casual style of decorating mainly in pastels and sometimes using antique accessories.It conjures of the idea of old lace tablecloths, light white wardrobes and soft comfortable sofas.

Shabby chic is really no particular style, but it balances out tasteful pieces with old and new combined. If you have a preference for bold colours then this is not for you. Usually soft whites, muted grey and pale pinks, blues and greens are the favourite shades that are used. People buy new old fashioned looking fabrics and sometimes stain them to give the appearance of age and this they can do by using tea! The effect is then a pattern that looks a soft creamy white instead of stark white, that just would not look right.

Very often the use of floral, striped and checked fabrics are combined to achieve a warm and inviting look. It is however best to keep the basic colour background the same, for instance white or cream. Then try to select one colour to repeat in every pattern fabric to get the correct effect. Almost any piece of white bedroom furniture will suit a shabby chic interior design. Sometimes you may have a piece which can either be sprayed or painted white then sanded at the corners and roughed up a bit to give the appearance of age.Painting the furniture white, completely changes it from dark and heavy to light, fresh and summery.

What completes the look of shabby chic is the appearance of chunky large comfy sofas and chairs that are warm and welcoming and make you feel right at home. In the bedroom, white or rustic beside tables will finish a Shabby Chic look perfectly

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