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David Artsmith  –  When you have a coffee table in your living room, it is the centerpiece of a room. It acts as a focal point, dominating the center of a space, with everything else in the room arranging itself around this one central piece. Since it is so prominent you are able to use it as a stage, where you can display for your decorative inspirations. Or you can leave it bare, or sparse, and create a Zen like atmosphere.

The truth is that the most functional coffee tables are those that are bare. When its empty, its like a work station, a place where you can read male, play a game, put a puzzle together, or even have a meal. The moment you start cluttering it with a lot of useless items, the table top becomes a lot less functional.

However that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate a little bit. Not everything has to be functional; some things can just be beautiful. Just make certain that you leave at least a little room around the edges, so people will be able to slide past the piece.

Reading materials are the most common items that you will find on a cofee table. They are useful items that can provide distraction and entertainment to guests or family members. They are also a way of demonstrating your personality, because what you read, says a lot about who you are.

If you want to get creative, decorative accents can be arranged in any of a variety of patterns. These can include picture frames, candles holders, and decorative figurines. You can also use vases, or pots to create attractive floral arrangements.

A coffee table is a central accessory in a room. You can either choose to leave it bare and functional, or you can get creative, working your decorative magic across the surface of the piece.