In this article we will outline and discuss the security of your business, and the different measures you can take to protect the premises and the valuables kept there. It is undeniable that your business premises hold a lot of valued investment. There is usually a lot valuable office equipment, such as computers and other technical equipment kept on the premises. It can be expensive to insure these goods, but it is also a good idea. You will also need other things in place to protect your business entities. You may also have liquid cash on the premises, amongst other things of value.

The first thing you can do is set up CCTV cameras in and around your company. This can be a method of identifying thieving and slacking employees, and also identifying unknown criminals who get into your premises. Having monitored CCTV cameras around your business can help prevent something bad happening before it even happens! If you are trying to ensure that nothing is stolen by employees, you can even erect a hidden spy camera in the premises wherever you see fit.

What you can also do to limit access to certain areas of the business is to install fingerprint door locks. These are specialized door locks that can identify stored fingerprint templates, and will only unlock the door for the specified prints. You can also allow certain levels of access for certain stored prints.

If you have a perimeter wall, in addition to the cameras you can put up security measures on top of the wall. Barbed wire is usually unsightly, but they now have more attractive and neater sharp measures that you can erect to protect the perimeter.

You can also hire a security person to patrol the premises of your company. This will increase the security of your business. A security guard can deter would-be criminals before they decide to trespass. In addition to a patrolling security guard, you can also arrange for your employees to wear a name card on their person at all times that will identify them to the security guard. This will make the security guard’s job an easier one.

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