An Eileen gray table is piece of practical furniture that has been transformed into a staple of modern furnishing. Originally created in the 1920’s as a convenient way to enjoy breakfast in bed, the Eileen table is an adjustable circular table that has the ability to be adjusted up and down with the turn of a dial. This handy piece of furniture is now used as a side table in a living room or a bedroom by modern designers and is no longer just a TV tray but a piece of art.

The Modern coffee table is a versatile furniture piece that can be used in many different aspects. Often the Eileen gray tables possess a circular top and a half moon base with the stand made out of metal and the counter top glass. Often made with a glass top and chrome metal, the Eileen gray table is an integral piece of modern design. Eileen gray tables also has the add benefit of adjustable height so they can be rearranged in a room easily and have multiple purposes.

An Eileen Gray table makes the perfect side table, adding pizzazz and style to a room. The rounded shape of the Eileen table is an unexpected in side table design and breaks away from the usual boxy style. The adjustable height on Eileen gray tables also can be used to create asymmetry in a room which adds another layer of complexity to a room. The Eileen gray tables add class and make a perfect fresh accent in a room.

An Eileen gray table can really bring that something extra to your next cocktail party when a great Eileen Gray table will attract all the attention. The snazzy adjustable height of the table can be extended to its fullest to create a perfect cocktail table. Eileen gray tables have the advantage of not being susceptible to water rings and spills, so they will make you rest easy as you enjoy your party. These ever changing tables allow for elegance and sophistication, escalating a party to refinement.

As a breakfast tray or a TV tray table, the Eileen gray still stands upto the challenge. The Eileen gray table doesn’t need to be buried in a closet when guests visit. The gorgeous shape and stunning style adds something to the room, instead of detracting like a classic TV tray.  So even the most practical use of the Eileen gray table brings elegance and style to a room.

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