When you buy furniture you really cannot go far wrong if you go for white!

The popularity of white furniture, such as bedroom furniture has increased a lot in recent times. People seem to be reverting to the minimalist look and the clean feeling that comes with it. When it comes to furnishing our homes the choice is endless. White furniture is produced in dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, dressers, bookcases and much more. You can even get white bedside tables now

You will find that the most used colour in interior design is white. This is so particularly in bathrooms and kitchens where cleaning and most importantly, the preparation of food is carried out. This is primarily due to hygiene and of course it makes sense that dirt shows up significantly on white and surfaces are more readily kept germ free.

It is said that technically this is not really a colour as such, it is in fact a neutral.

It was Sir Isaac Newton who experimented in 1666, using a hole in a window shade that admitted a ray of sunshine into a dark room, where a glass prism was placed in such a position that enabled the light to pass through it. He found that the ray of light was refracted when it passed through the prism and spread a beam of multicoloured light in all the colours of the rainbow which appeared as white on the wall beyond.

Newton’s conclusion was that white sunlight was a mixture of many different types of light, each one being a single pure colour and that each colour was bent at different degrees, violet by the most and red by the least.

It was found that white light does in fact contain all the colours within it, they are simply not visible as they are being reflected.

I have seen some wonderful interior designs which are entirely white with just the odd addition of one or maybe two other colours introduced into the design. So don’t dismiss the use of white painted furniture in your decor because white interiors, especially it seems white dining room furniture, tends to have a very calming effect and help you relax and feel at home.

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