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Once you understand the basics of picture frame sizes, you will never have trouble finding the right frame size again.  Whether new to photography or just never understood picture frame sizes, this article will explain the basics of picture frame sizes and will help you select the perfect frame for your photo.

The Basics About Picture Frame Sizes

There are a variety of picture frame sizes, but they are typically categorized into standard and non-standard sizes.  Standard sized frames, like a 5×7 or an 8×10 picture frame, are the most common and are what you normally see hanging on the wall or resting on a table top. The term “standard frame size” refers to the regular sizes that are available with most printed photos.

Normally, when you buy a picture frame, the size refers to the size of the picture opening not the exterior dimensions of the frame. In the U.S., picture frame sizes are always measured in inches.In other parts of the world they are measured in centimeters.

Standard picture frame sizes are measured by width and height.  If your photo measures 8(width)x 10(height), you need an 8×10 picture frame.If you have a photo that is a 7 inches wide by 5 inches high, you’ll need a 7×5 picture frame. Keep in mind that 7×5 frames can only be used horizontally, while a 5×7 frame can be used horizontally or vertically. The same holds true for 6×4 frames and 10×8 frames compared to 4×6 and 8×10 frames. It will be helpful to remember that 6×4, 7×5 and 10×8 frames can only be used horizontally, while 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 picture frames can generally go either horizontal or vertical.

When selecting the right picture frame, there are two things you should consider: the photo size your picture frame holds and how the picture frame can be displayed.

1) Knowing the Actual Photo Size Your Picture Frame Holds

It is important to emphasize that the picture frame size is not the overall exterior dimension of the frame but instead the actual photo size that the frame will hold. This is an important distinction and is often a cause of confusion. To quickly determine if your frame will hold your photo, you can measure the inner area of the frame where the picture is held. However this will always give you a smaller measurement than the actual size of the photo that will fit. That’s because every frame has an interior edge (or lip) that holds the glass and can vary in size. So, if you want a more accurate measurement to know the exact photo size your frame will hold, you’ll have to remove the frame backing to correctly measure it.

If you want to measure a frame correctly, you have to open it up by removing the frame back.On the inside of the frame there is a ledge that holds the picture and glass. All you’ll need to do is measure either 1) the area where the glass is held inside of the frame or 2) measure the actual dimensions of the entire piece of glass. By measuring either of these, this will tell you the exact size of the photo that will fit in your frame.

2) How Your Frame Can Be Displayed
One of the most important things in selecting a frame is to know whether the frame can be displayed vertically, horizontally or in both directions.  Always check this because there are some picture frame sizes that are only designed to be displayed in one direction.Most unique shaped frames, like heart shaped picture frames, can only be displayed one way.  An easy way to check is to look at the mounting hardware on the back of the frame to see how the frame can be displayed.

Picture Frame Sizes

Below is a list of the most common picture frame sizes.  These are for frames that hold a single picture:

2 1/2 x 3 1/2 – wallet size
3 ½ x 5
4×10 and 4×12 – panoramic picture frames
8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 – scrapbook frames
8 ½ x 11

If you are looking for a frame that will hold multiple pictures, there are double picture frames, triple picture frames and collage picture frames in a variety of sizes. All of these frame are available in standard frame sizes and come in a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes.

Picture frames are available in non-standard sizes but there just will be a much smaller selection and will likely be harder to find exactly what you want.  If you’re looking for a specific size, you can always ask a frame retailer for additional assistance or you can look to have a custom frame made.  If you’re trying to find a less expensive frame for a non-standard size and don’t want a custom made frame, you can always use a picture frame mat to hold your photo in a standard frame size.

Now that you have a better understanding of picture frame sizes, you will hopefully save time, energy and money when picking out your perfect picture frame.

David Artsmith  –  Gemstone is a name that can be applied to any of a number of semi precious natural stone materials. These materials form naturally, usually in caves, and are harvested by humans to be used in jewelry, home furnishings, and several architectural applications. A material is termed to be “gemstone” due to its attractiveness, and rarity, and so the stones which attain this label are generally valuable and beautiful.

Gemstone is used to manufacture a wide variety of decorative and functional products for the home. These are generally formal, high end products, which are intended to elevate the decorative style of a space. Common gemstone products include desk clocks, drink coasters, book ends, and paper weights. Gemstone candle holders are also very popular, due to the ability of the crystalline structure to refract the light from the candle into a million tiny translucent caverns.

Gemstone home décor products are most popular in new age and metaphysical spaces. There are many new age metaphysical practicioners who will decorate with gemstone products in order to control the energy of their space. Some people think that gemstones have particular energy properties, which can be used to alter the ambiance of a room, or even to move energy through a persons body in specific ways.

One of the big draws of gemstone home decor is that every piece is slightly different. This is due to the fact that they form naturally within the earth, and are only mined and refined by human hands.

Another popular setting for gemstone decorative products is in a rustic, natural home. The erratic chaos of the crystalline materials will blend in well with the savage nature of such a space.

Alternative settings where you will find gemstone home decor products include romantic bedrooms, executive offices, and anywhere that you can get a good amount of sunlight glinting off of the perfect crystalline surface of the piece.

Are you looking for something different in your home? Do you find your current look to be rather boring? Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to accessorize any room in your home. To give any room an entirely new look, you don’t need a lot of money or an interior decorator. By following these simple suggestions, you can accessorize any room in your home.

Add Some Extra Flair with Throw Pillows
Start by adding some complementary throw pillows to a sofa or chair. Another simple way to accessorize is to add a throw blanket to the back of the sofa. When accessorizing a sofa or chair, be sure your additions aren’t the exact same color. They should work to add some interest and design element to the furniture. For instance, if you have a tan sofa, find decorative pillows where tan is not the main color in the design or pattern. By finding accessories that match other complementary colors in the room, you can really pull the room together.

Update Your Lighting Fixtures
Give your room a whole new glow by updating your lighting fixtures. Whether you have older fixtures or small ones, installing new lighting can make a big difference. You can find inexpensive, easy-to-install fixtures in a variety of styles. Not only do you want to find a design style that fits the room, but you want to be sure the fixture gives off plenty of light to make your room brighter and therefore more welcoming.

Go Green with Your Living Room Accessories
With a simple houseplant or vase of flowers, you can easily add more color to any room. Craft stores carry a wide variety of beautiful fake flower arrangements, or if you are creative enough, you can make one yourself. Be sure to place the flower arrangement in a prominent spot in the room so it garners lots of attention. If you decide on a houseplant, real or fake, it should also go where it will garner more attention. To draw more attention to the fireplace, for instance, consider placing two houseplants on either side of it.

Fill Up a Blank Wall with Framed Pictures
Are your walls boring? Try hanging a few picture frames in various shapes and sizes to spice things up. Whatever your style, you should be able to find an array of picture frames that are unique and stylish, which will not only help you display your favorite images but also add some interest to the room. Black-and-white pictures or those with just a touch of color will provide a dramatic look, as will matted images.

Reorganize Knickknacks with Shelving
If your various knickknacks in a room are getting lost in the mix, consider grouping them together on a mantle or shelving on oak bookcases. This way, you can display them together in a stylish arrangement and thus better accessorize the room.

Adding simple accessories allows you to easily redecorate or switch around the style design of a room. If you really want to do something totally different, you might look into moving the furniture around. You could also add new pieces of furniture to the mix, such as new oak dining room tables. Adding accessories to a room should be neither hard nor expensive. Rather, just get creative and let your style show.

A real estate project in one of Canada’s most desirable new luxury communities has opened show homes and unveiled exclusive designs for everyone to see. The home will feature some exclusive designs including two exclusive kitchens and some state of the art bedroom furniture, which have been hand crafted and designed. Also on show will be a completely new form of bedside table, that can change shape and move about the room to suit your needs.

Albi Homes, a luxury real estate specialist, unveiled further details of its homes in the Cranston community in Calgary, Alberta earlier this week, showing off John Moore’s exclusive white bedroom furniture range at the same time. The whole community is very excited to get this new development made, there has almost been no new building or structures put up in the town for over ten years and this has literally been the first!

Valuable real estates includes ‘jewel box’ luxury home designs to choose from with prices starting from “the low 0,000s”. The overall project features a total of 7.3 acres of private residents’ recreation park, sports courts, with two new local schools also nearby. Elsewhere in the development various other available real estate includes condo homes, apartments and townhouses.

The design itself looks absolutely amazing. The entire development has taken almost a whole year so far and people are getting excited as to what the project space will look like later on in the year.

With the amazing amenities in progress and the natural beauty of Cranston, the company are extremely proud to be offering the exclusive opportunity and unique design style with exceptional value at this time. Considering that there is a massive economic slump at the moment the new development has been extremely welcomed with the local society. The current financial slide was mainly caused to people not being able to afford brand new properties in the first place and never paying the mortgages back. Visit NEL for the best white wardrobes.

When you buy furniture you really cannot go far wrong if you go for white!

The popularity of white furniture, such as bedroom furniture has increased a lot in recent times. People seem to be reverting to the minimalist look and the clean feeling that comes with it. When it comes to furnishing our homes the choice is endless. White furniture is produced in dining tables and chairs, wardrobes, dressers, bookcases and much more. You can even get white bedside tables now

You will find that the most used colour in interior design is white. This is so particularly in bathrooms and kitchens where cleaning and most importantly, the preparation of food is carried out. This is primarily due to hygiene and of course it makes sense that dirt shows up significantly on white and surfaces are more readily kept germ free.

It is said that technically this is not really a colour as such, it is in fact a neutral.

It was Sir Isaac Newton who experimented in 1666, using a hole in a window shade that admitted a ray of sunshine into a dark room, where a glass prism was placed in such a position that enabled the light to pass through it. He found that the ray of light was refracted when it passed through the prism and spread a beam of multicoloured light in all the colours of the rainbow which appeared as white on the wall beyond.

Newton’s conclusion was that white sunlight was a mixture of many different types of light, each one being a single pure colour and that each colour was bent at different degrees, violet by the most and red by the least.

It was found that white light does in fact contain all the colours within it, they are simply not visible as they are being reflected.

I have seen some wonderful interior designs which are entirely white with just the odd addition of one or maybe two other colours introduced into the design. So don’t dismiss the use of white painted furniture in your decor because white interiors, especially it seems white dining room furniture, tends to have a very calming effect and help you relax and feel at home.