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An unusual but pleasing decorating plan for most any room is to incorporate a western-theme cowboy or cowgirl design. There is no shortage of fun furniture pieces, bedding, knick-knacks and wall decorations that comprise the western theme and so you will have more than enough options to choose from. What will make your western-themed room complete is a cowboy picture frame to create a centerpiece on your wall. This one piece will join together all of the different parts in the room.

Give a personalized touch to your cowboy picture frame by incorporating pictures of yourself, you friends and family members and maybe even your horse! Be careful when picking out this focal item of your décor, as a cheesy or overbearing cowboy picture frame may ruin the vibe of your entire room. Try to stick with a simple statement that does not detract from the beauty of the rest of the room, or especially of the pictures themselves. Even though it’s very possible to go too far when implementing a new decor using a Western theme, if you choose the right picture frame, it can integrate so well with the overall theme, that you will end up with a cohesive design statement that is both unique to you and also quite classy.

As an example, the simple cowboy boot has always been popular for a cowboy photo frame style. Complete with spur and strap, this decorative western picture frame is a cute and versatile item that works with many different genres of western room décor. When choosing a singular object, like a boot, as your picture frame design, complement this choice with a portrait of just one or two people. Too detailed a photograph might counter the simpler effect of the cowboy boot frame.

For a subtler decor statement, select a square or rectangular photo frame with an unusual design such as a paisley border. This sweet and elegant touch provides a hint of western décor within an otherwise classic picture frame style. Choose a simple western frame if you’re worried that your décor choices are making the room look too busy. Sometimes attention can be distracted from your photo or the room may feel cluttered if you use a picture frame with a very detailed design with many small elements. Accent pieces for a room are best chosen with a simple line, such as a horse and rider or cowboy hat. To avoid a too detailed look, your larger wall photo frames can include more detail than smaller ones.

When selecting a western picture frame, always choose one that complements the rest of your décor. attempt to stick with one western genre. The overall decorative style that you choose can be expressed with picture frames whether you prefer the cowboy and horse-themed or the southwest version of the west. Hard to choose? Go with the simpler example. By choosing a neutral color, or wood shades that complement each other, you can make a completely western-feel room without fixating on one particular theme. One easy way that can’t fail to give a room a western theme is to choose a cowboy picture frame that has basic look that matches your other decor choices all through your other rooms.

If your current bed needs to be replaced and you’re ready to go shopping for something new, then one of your preferred options might be a latex mattress. This is a type of foam mattress you would assume is made not from petrochemicals but from a more natural substance. In fact, that natural substance is the sap from rubber trees, which should make latex foam mattresses your most eco-friendly choice. But of course nothing is ever that simple. Latex has also been created synthetically, from petrochemicals, meaning that you need to do as much investigation with these mattresses as with any other product.

There are two processes used to create latex mattresses. With the Standard method, the liquid (whether it’s the rubber sap or the petrochemical substance) is whipped into a froth, which creates the millions of air bubbles that are responsible for the special properties of a foam mattress. Then the liquid is poured into a mold, which is sealed and heated until it cures into its finished mattress form. In the Talalay method, the mold contains countless tiny pinprick spikes that make extra little channels for air to move through. This method creates a latex foam mattress that’s somewhat more resilient and buoyant.

Natural latex apparently works fine with either the Standard or the Talalay method of creating a latex mattress. So the question then is why anyone would need to use the synthetic version of the material at all. One of the reasons is that natural latex isn’t always as comfortable as the kind made from petrochemicals. Thus you find so many foam mattresses made entirely with synthetic latex.

The end result of all this is that before you buy a latex mattress, do some research, as it is an absolute must. If natural latex is infused with natural oils, then it can be as comfortable as an all-synthetic mattress or even a memory foam bed. But even if the mattress has a “green” label, it might still contain some petrochemicals. So you need to watch for all of these things as you head out mattress shopping. Do some searching and find out about both the manufacturers and their products, and discover the process and the materials they used. If you buy a foam bed, you want to know what you’re getting before you take it home.

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